Coronavirus India update: State-wise total number of confirmed cases, deaths as of March 25

Total number of confirmed positive cases in India reaches 629, death toll stands at 13 as of March 25
Last Updated : 28 March 2020, 11:16 IST
Last Updated : 28 March 2020, 11:16 IST

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The spread of novel coronavirus in India has created panic in the country. After the first confirmed positive case was reported on January 30 in Kerala, the epidemic has reached many other cities in the country, infecting several hundred people.

The novel coronavirus, which originated in China, has claimed thousands of lives across the globe. With no known cure so far for the disease, COVID-19 has become a major issue for the entire world.

While the impact of the novel coronavirus has been the most in China and Italy, India also is within its grasp. After making its presence in Kerala first, the novel coronavirus reached other cities/regions including Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Hyderabad, Jammu and Kashmir among others.

Below is the list of total positive cases in India and state-wise impact of the epidemic, as per the Union Ministry of Health and sources (the list will be regularly updated).

Total number of positive cases (including deaths) in India: 629 as of March 25.

Total deaths in India: 13

Madhya Pradesh: 1

Karnataka: 1

Delhi: 1

Maharashtra: 3

Punjab: 1

Bihar: 1

Gujarat: 2

West Bengal: 1

Himachal Pradesh: 1

Tamil Nadu: 1

States/UT with confirmed positive cases: (State-wise details are updated as we receive information)

Kerala: 112 (including 7 foreigners)
Punjab: 29
Delhi: 30 (including one foreigner)
Jammu and Kashmir: 11
Ladakh: 13
Rajasthan: 36 (including 2 foreigners)
Uttar Pradesh: 38 (including one foreigner)
Maharashtra: 116 (including 3 foreigners)
Karnataka: 51
Tamil Nadu: 26 (including 3 foreigners)
Telangana: 39 (including 11 foreigners)
Haryana: 21 (including 14 foreigners)
Andhra Pradesh: 10
Himachal Pradesh: 4
Gujarat: 38
Uttarakhand: 4
Odisha: 2
West Bengal: 10
Chandigarh: 7
Chhattisgarh: 3
Madhya Pradesh: 18
Bihar: 5
Puducherry: 1
Manipur: 1
Mizoram: 1
Goa: 3

No. of people discharged: 43

Courtesy: DataLEADS

While the Centre and state governments have been trying hard to check the spread of coronavirus by tracking, isolating and treating the infected persons, the gradual rise of the epidemic in India is worrisome.

Published 12 March 2020, 09:26 IST

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