Delhi girl who took on 'eve teaser' is AAP volunteer

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Last Updated 25 August 2015, 19:17 IST

The Tilak Nagar eve-teasing case took a political hue after revelations that 20-year-old Jasleen Kaur, who had accused a man of passing lewd remarks at her, is an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) volunteer.

The AAP’s student wing Chhatra Yuva Sangharsh Samiti confirmed that she was an active volunteer till last year. Jasleen also said she supports the party and was campaigning for them, but denied contesting DUSU elections on an AAP ticket.

“People saying I want to contest DUSU elections should know my college, St Stephens, is not affiliated to contest. Sarabjeet (the accused) and his family have cooked up this story to malign me,” she said.

“Yes, I have photos with AAP leaders. So, what if I support the party? Can’t I stand up against any wrong or for a social cause? I request everyone not to politicise the issue,” she said.

Jasleen had accused 26-year-old Sarabjeet Singh of passing lewd remarks when she asked him to follow traffic rules at an intersection at Tilak Marg on Sunday. She had also posted his photo on her Facebook wall and filed a complaint with the police, who later arrested him.

Sarabjeet, who got bail on Monday, denied the allegations and also said the complaint was a publicity stunt by Jasleen.

The case took another twist on Tuesday after one Vishwajeet Jha, who claimed to be present when the incident took place, came forward in support of the accused, saying Jasleen initiated the fight.

“I was with my wife at the intersection and the signal, which was green, was about to go red. Crossing the signal when it immediately turns red is common, which is what Singh tried to do when the girl stopped him. He asked her why she stopped him, but she made rude comments and also clicked his picture,” he said.

“I was shocked after reading about the false accusations made by the girl,” he said.

However, Jasleen and her family questioned his credibility and the fact that he came out with his version two days after the incident. “Who knows whether he was present at the spot? And how can he say jumping red light is common. This should be investigated. The court and the police will decide the veracity of his statements,” said Jasleen at her Tilak Nagar residence.

Narrating the incident, Jasleen said Sarabjeet had passed “obscene” remarks as his “male ego” was hurt when she asked him to follow traffic rules. Jasleen’s mother Gurpreet also said Jha, while talking to her during an interaction on a news channel, had asked what Jasleen was doing outside at 8 pm. “How can this man cast aspersions on my daughter's character?” she asked.

Jasleen also said she would not have taken the matter to the police had Sarabjeet apologised. Meanwhile, Sarabjeet’s father Dilip Singh refused to comment on the incident. His neighbours, however, vouched for his character.

“We know him from a long time. He has always been polite. He can never lift a finger at a girl, let alone pass obscene remarks,” said Bhopal Nath, who lives two houses from Sarabjeet’s.

(Published 25 August 2015, 19:17 IST)

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