India too weak to pursue gangsters internationally: HC

Last Updated : 21 July 2010, 14:16 IST

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"India is not a powerful country that its wishes are respected by other countries. India is considered as a soft and weak country even if it is progressing economically," Justice S N Dhingra said.

"On all other fronts, the reputation of India abroad is not such that its requests are acceded to by the foreign governments immediately," the court said.

The court made the remarks on a petition filed by the Centre seeking some more time to complete investigation against Naresh Kumar Jain, a Dubai-based businessman who is accused of running a hawala racket.

Jain, who is facing criminal charges in many countries across Europe and Asia, was arrested by the Delhi police. He absconded from Dubai and entered India illegally through Nepal.
The police, after conducting an initial probe, found that he was allegedly involved in many criminal activities in many countries and requested those countries to co-operate in getting to the root of his activities.

The investigating agency sought more time to complete the investigation as some countries are not co-operating.

Published 21 July 2010, 14:14 IST

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