‘Art and culture jointly reflect influence of soil’

Last Updated 19 September 2019, 18:37 IST

Vibhuti Art Gallery on Thursday hosted an exhibition showcasing black and white line drawings by more than 18 students.

Senior art teacher Dinamani Shastri inaugurated the art exhibition.

He, addressing the gathering, said that art and culture are integrated with each other which reflects the influence of the soil. He added that all art forms are treasures which should be conserved from extinction.

In the exhibition, all 32 art works played with bright and darker shades.

The drawings were truly mesmerising and displayed a different world. The uniqueness lied in the fact that these drawings were made using pens.

The drawings displayed at the gallery echoed the freedom of thoughts and reflected the mechanical life of humans. These sketches showcased various facets of life in white and black shades.

The artists Prashant Sriyan, Parvathi, Pavitra, Manoj, Vinay Acharya, Bhavit Babu, Harshal Suvarna and Jahnavi Upadhya, among others, were brilliant in conveying the message of realities without a pinch of colourful hues in their respective drawings

The drawings were on themes like aliens, women, sculptural sketches, environment, dream girl, Lord Ganapathy, cultural aspects and infanticide. The exhibition will be open for public viewing until September 22.

(Published 19 September 2019, 18:34 IST)

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