Blame yourself for job loss: Locals to Indiranagar pubs

Last Updated 27 November 2019, 20:04 IST

Indiranagar residents have dubbed the recent protest by the Restaurants’ Association as an attempt to gain public sympathy.

Just days after those working in restaurants staged an emotional protest and spoke about the loss of their livelihood, the residents have urged the state government to ensure all its departments enforce the rules and regulations in true spirit.

Addressing media persons, the residents gathered under the banner ‘i change Indiranagar’ (ICIN) clarified that they are not taking away the livelihood of anyone. They accused the owners of pubs and restaurants of creating the situation. “Law-abiding citizens are blamed,” said a citizen activist from Indiranagar.

“The loss of employment wouldn’t have happened if the (restaurants) owners had followed the rules.”

Sneha Nandihal, an ICIN member, said some of the rules have been made for the wellbeing of their own employees. “We fail to understand how the Restaurant and Bars Association could give an emotional twist by saying staff are losing jobs. They’re using their employees to push capitalism and profiteering,” she said.

Indira Vishwanathan, secretary of an RWA in Indiranagar, said residents in the area have literally faced the “music” of the restaurants for years. “Thanks to the unbearable noise they make, we’re unable to stay indoors,” she said. We’ve senior citizens and children at home,” she said.

She added: “We can’t go out due to traffic congestion, erratic parking and influx of people.”

Residents asserted that they are only requesting the pubs to function within their limits and ensure they do not affect the residents.

“There’re many violations by these establishments,” Indira said. “Besides their own employees, they’re putting everyone to risk --their immediate neighbours, patrons, the public and the city at large.”

(Published 27 November 2019, 18:38 IST)

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