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Last Updated 19 September 2016, 18:27 IST

Stringing in their love for music and their passion for making others smile was never questioned. They met, they saw each other and they fell in love with each other’s work. With Bhargav Talukdar with his first solo and Kadambari Kashyap’s vision for the music video, ‘Love is better than wine’ was produced. 

Making the rounds on social media, the duo speak to Anila Kurian about the video experience.

Tell us about yourself.

Kadambari: I’m a filmmaker who always loved singing, listening and exploring music. I completed my bachelor's degree from Mount Carmel College. It was my love for music that introduced me to Bhargav.

Bhargav: I’m an independent musician. I’ve been part of two bands — ‘Chamber and Ticks Talks’ and a duo project ‘BNW’with Writam Changkakoti. This song is one my first solo projects. The concept of the video was to portray the adorable moments between two people in a fun manner.

What was the inspiration behind the music?

Bhargav: My inspiration was the realisation that someone means so much to you, more than anything else in this world. The song expresses the feeling of missing and longing for your special someone.

Tell us about the making of the music video.

Kadambari: It definitely took a lot of time and effort. As independent artistes, we had to plan each and every detail carefully; the pre-production was a meticulous process. Thankfully, everything went as planned.

Even when there were hiccups, we worked through it quite easily.

A fun moment from the sets? 

Kadambari: There’s a lizard scene in the video where the female co-star, Shilpa Johar, was also part of it. She has no idea that we had a fake wild lizard.

The scene was shot outdoors. When Shilpa saw the lizard lying on the grass (just where we intended to keep it), she told everyone not to freak out and be calm. She assured us that she’ll take care of this insanely different situation. Well, the rest is history.

The challenges you faced?

Kadambari: As a director, it was the building of the chemistry between the two characters that I had envisioned. With the time constraint that we had to finish shooting the video, this seemed like a rather difficult task. However, both Shilpa and Bhargav did a brilliant job in playing their respective characters.

Your future plans.

Bhargav: My plan right now is to finally publish our duo project — BNW’s first album. I also plan to make a few more music videos for my upcoming originals.

Kadambari: I prefer to keep short term goals and try to give my best to them. So my next goal is to direct a short documentary about the North Eastern village. The shoot has already been done, the post production is yet to begin.

(Published 19 September 2016, 16:30 IST)

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