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Last Updated 23 May 2013, 14:08 IST

The summer vacation is on and students are making use of their free time by tapping into their creative talents.

Right from making jewellery and stationery to revamping old clothes and gadgets, students are leaving no stone unturned.

Living in a tech-savvy world, there are many options available online for students to get inspired.

However, there are many who love to experiment and craft beautiful creations.
Many of them even have their own pages on social networking sites, where they display their diverse handiwork.

Metrolife talks to students from across the City to find out more about their creations. Arushi Sharma, a commerce student, always wanted to own a dream-catcher but the few she found turned out to be too expensive.

This dismay, combined with the motivation of her friend Ronak Totlani, inspired her to make them herself.

“I learned to make them through trial and error and then, my friends too wanted some for themselves. So I began to make more,” explains Arushi, who dreams of starting her own line of affordable dream-catchers.

Autumn D’souza, who recently completed her board exams, and her cousin Faustina, make notebooks from scrap.

“We soak old newspapers to make pulp and then transform it to paper,” explains Autumn.
They then combine their creativity to decorate the pages in a unique way.

“Maybe someday, we will be selling them as well outside,” says an aspiring Autumn. They both spend their free time making things from scrap.

Gurpreet Kaur, a student believes in reusing waste material. She makes notebooks using waste cloth as covers and likes to convert old records into clocks.

“I also love making jewellery from items like old keys,” she adds. Gurpreet finds the internet to be a great source of inspiration and her only glitch is be the non-availability of some materials here in India. However, she manages to explore the markets in the City to find new and cool substitutes.

“Once you start making things with items around you, you want to make something out of everything you see,” she says. Remodelling old clothes is another idea popular with some girls.

They create new and swanky outfits from outdated ones and manage to cut shopping expenses while keeping themselves busy during Summer. In this light, Sangam Shodh, an engineering student, says, “I had jeans that tore at the knee and  couldn’t use it. With Summer here, I cut them and coloured them using fabric dye to make rainbow shorts.”

This is one of the many revamping techniques Sangam has up her sleeve. She plans on cutting her old tank tops to make a patch skirt as well.

Rainbow shorts or shimmering notebooks, the youth today have found more than one way to keep themselves busy during holidays.

The simple methods they follow are enlightening and encouraging. The students say the satisfaction gained is unmatched.

(Published 23 May 2013, 14:08 IST)

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