Gina became Zumba expert after third kid

The internationally-acclaimed fitness expert says it is especially helpful for young mothers.
Last Updated 19 March 2019, 12:54 IST

Looking at Gina Grant, one would never guess she is a mother of five. The fitness guru and Zumba specialist can give youngsters a run for their money when it comes to fitness and health.

No wonder then, she is a globally-recognised fitness expert and a regular on magazine covers and international shows. In an interaction with Metrolife, she explains why it is important for a mother to be fit and healthy and the growing popularity of Zumba in India.

The love for Zumba is breaking geographical barriers...

Yes and it feels amazing. When the music starts playing, everyone gets into a similar enthusiastic mood; it brings out positive vibes in all. Once I was in Japan and nobody spoke English but the barriers disappeared when the music started playing. It was fascinating how Zumba overcame everything else.

You took up Zumba after having your third child. What inspired you?

I was just thinking of losing weight; I didn’t know about Zumba at that time. I joined a gym, on the other side of which a Zumba class was going on. Gym soon became boring for me, with the same music and machines. The music from the other side resonated with me since I was a dancer myself. It helped me remember the good old days. That's how it all started.

Fitness is gradually gaining momentum in India. What is your take on it?

A healthy and happy lifestyle benefits one psychologically and physically. I hope Zumba is a part of why fitness is gaining momentum in India.

How does your husband, Dahrio Wonder, help you?

He is a singer, but he was a professional dancer back then. Back then, he put music to my workouts and sometimes even danced a bit with me; he loved the energy of the workout. His support has been a blessing.

In India, post-pregnancy weight gain is normal, considering eating habits and the traditional practice of spending most of your time with your newborn. In this context, what message would you like to give young mothers?

Whether you have a newborn or a grown-up child, it’s always hard to make time for yourself. But it is important to work out and take care of yourself, since a healthy you means you can be a better mother and give proper care to your kid as well.

(Published 19 March 2019, 12:44 IST)

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