‘I am not a part of the rat race’

Actor Arya, who just released the audio and trailer of his latest film ‘Onti’, talks about the lessons learnt from the film industry
Last Updated 11 June 2019, 12:50 IST

I was born in Shivamogga where I lived for most of my life. I never really set out to be an actor but I believe that destiny had definite plans for me. I actively participated in extra-curricular activities during my engineering days.

It was just after college that I got an opportunity to work in the technical team of Kannada film, ‘My Autograph’.

What I learnt then strengthened my knowledge of filmmaking. I picked up the basics of direction and the art of handling the camera on the sets of this film. It was Sudeep who told me that it was important to have a sound technical knowledge before venturing into acting.

Around this time, I acted in ‘No 73 Shanti Nivas’ in 2007. Soon after this, I made a guest appearance in ‘Mussanjemaatu’, in a scene towards the end where I was to marry Ramya and Sudeep walks in and I had to give up the bride for him. Somehow, this scene has remained in people’s memory and connect me with the character that I played. I followed this up with a couple of films that did moderately well.

The film that changed my destiny is ‘Onti’, which director Shree and I have worked on together. This is a romantic-action film that has a good mix of newcomers and seasoned actors. We scouted for a producer but found none who were willing to invest in it. They all had just one question -- how much will we get back. Finally, I decided to act and produce it myself.

With renewed hope, we began shooting and successfully completed the project. We had a grand launch of the audio and trailer on June 11. This film changed my life in a lot of ways and opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Looking back, I’ve picked up many lessons in the last couple of years that I have spent in the industry. I’ve always learnt to stay positive and work hard. I have also learnt to take negativity and disappointment in my stride and work around it. I don’t let it bog me down. It’s hard to keep oneself motivated and inspired all the time but I have mastered the art of self-motivation. I have understood, over the years, that it doesn’t pay to get stuck in the past.

I am often asked how I keep pace with the competition in the industry. I tell them that I don’t take any pressure and that I was never a part of the rat race. I have always wanted to work on good projects and I look up to people who have achieved a great deal through sheer hard work.

(Published 11 June 2019, 12:13 IST)

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