I have mastered the art of making people laugh, says ac

His next project, ‘Adyaksha in America’, is about friendship and relationships
Last Updated 13 September 2019, 13:05 IST

Actor Sharan can’t stop talking about his next film, ‘Adyaksha in America’, slated to release soon. He calls it an entertainer with a strong social message.
“I am sure everybody will have something to take away from the film. There’s love, comedy and action. And none of these have been overdone,” Sharan tells Metrolife.

He is paired opposite Ragini Dwivedi. “Most of my earlier films used to end with my marriage but here the film begins with my marriage. This is a new concept. It is about the relationship and friendship between a husband and wife. The story has been tweaked to suit the present-day context,” explains Sharan.

His character is that of a happy-go-lucky man who would do anything for momentary happiness.

“He is unmindful of the long-term consequences. He does whatever it takes to give him happiness at that moment. He is also someone who makes his presence felt everywhere,” adds Sharan.

The story is largely set in the USA and is a laugh riot about what happens when the character goes to America.

“The things that he does in a strange country and how he interacts with the people he meets is entertaining. His mannerisms are all unique and have been especially written for this film,” he adds.

Sharan says that the story has been appreciated by the recording musicians and dubbing artists who have seen it. “The recording artists said that they loved the film. I have received a positive response for the film. I hope the audience will love the film just as much,” says Sharan, adding that the relationship itself has been given a new meaning in the film. “It talks about why problems crop up among couples.”

So what was the trigger for this concept? We often hear people saying that they don’t have time for each other. I would say that people have time but they don’t make time for each other. This is the root cause for most of the problems. We have narrated this message in an entertaining manner,” he says.

The audience will get to see Sharan’s unique brand of comedy in the movie. The actor, who entered the Kannada film industry in 2000, has been noticed for his unique style in comic roles. “People have loved my comedy role and talk about my old films whenever they meet me. This is truly encouraging,” he says.

Does he feel typecast? “No. Comedy will never wear out. Nobody will ever get bored of laughing. I have mastered the art of making people laugh and I must add here that comedy is serious business,” he says.

On working with Ragini, Sharan says that they have been friends for the longest time.

“The strong friendship and good rapport that we share off screen has helped tighten our onscreen performance,” he signs off.

(Published 13 September 2019, 13:05 IST)

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