KFCC meet fails to resolve #MeToo allegation row

Last Updated 25 October 2018, 18:55 IST

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) failed to resolve the #MeToo row involving actor Sruthi Hariharan's allegation of sexual harassment against veteran star Arjun Sarja.

KFCC on Thursday called both the actors to explore the possibilities of a reconciliation. The meeting, chaired by senior actor Ambareesh, KFCC president Chinne Gowda and other biggies of Sandalwood, lasted three hours, but failed to put an end to the row.

Ambareesh told reporters after the meeting: "The case is already in court. We can only ask the two parties to come to a compromise, but both of them are reluctant to do so. We have given them time, and requested them to put an end to the issue mutually. Let's hope for the best."

He expressed his unhappiness over the actors "bypassing" the KFCC and taking the issues to court. "KFCC has a history of solving many issues. But nowadays, new actors are bypassing the body. From now on, I request actors to bring the issue to our notice."

'No compromise'

Both Arjun and Sruthi firmly stated that they will not compromise at any cost saying compromising would show them to be guilty.

"More than me, my family, friends and crores of my fans across South India are disturbed and hurt at my character assassination. As the matter is in court, I cannot speak on this. Time will reveal the truth.”

Expressing his support to the #MeToo movement, he added, “This is a wonderful movement. But it is being misused by people and its purpose will be lost if it goes this way. My contribution to this movement is well known, but if I talk, it will be seen as a publicity stunt.”

Sruthi expressed her displeasure over being portrayed negatively and trolled on social media. “A woman who raises her voice is victimised. Our society has become cheap. They (Arjun Sarja camp) have already lodged two cases against me. With respect for the KFCC and senior personalities I came here. I will wait for the response of Ambareesh, KFCC and then react.”

Prashanth Sambargi, producer-distributor and close friend of Arjun Sarja, termed the row "anti-Hindu". “It’s a fact that Arjun is a disciple of Lord Hanuman. He planned to build a huge statue in Chennai. However, he faced a lot opposition. These anti-Hindu radicals are tarnishing his image. We will present proof shortly,” he said.

(Published 25 October 2018, 15:41 IST)

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