'Music is a part of my life'

Humble artiste
Last Updated 23 October 2013, 15:28 IST

In this fame-hungry world, playback singer Arijit Singh, who has a few popular musical numbers to his credit in recent times, is as humble as one can be, and doesn’t like to talk much about himself. Arijit was recently in the City and Metrolife caught up with this young artiste.

About fame, Arijit says that he doesn’t have to handle any pressure since he doesn’t let it mess with him. “I’ve been singing since I was a child. I was trained in Hindustani classical music and like listening to music too. Music is a part of my life,” says the artiste, when asked how important music is to him.

Being a trained classical singer, is it different singing for movies and shows? Arijit says, “It’s a different zone. Bollywood songs are a package and they include a lot of elements, which comes together in the making of a song.”

Arijit, who loves most types of music, says that he can’t handle heavy metal for more than some time. “I am more into alternative rock and other genres like that,” says Arijit.

It was Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy who gave Arijit his first break. “I was waiting for that. I sung ‘All For One’ for ‘High School Musical 2’, which kick-started my career,” he says. Ask him about the trio’s music, and he says, “I’m a huge fan of their music. I love their music, and grew up listening to it. They have done a tremendous job with the different numbers that they have produced.”

Arijit says singing each piece is a different experience. “Everything is a challenge, but I go easy with things. I don’t force myself to do anything. I like to enjoy what I’m doing,” says the artiste. Of the songs that he sung, Phir Le Aya Dil is his personal favourite. “Tum Hi Ho is heard and appreciated by many, but I personally like Phir Le... from Barfi because it’s a ghazal,” he says.

Arijit’s favourite ghazal singers include Jagjit Singh and his other favourite musicians are Norah Jones and John Mayer. “I even listen to Bach and Beethoven,” says Arijit.

Arijit has sung some Telugu songs apart from Hindi and Bengali songs. “I faced some difficulties while singing Telugu songs. If one doesn’t know the language, one could mess up with words and the lines would mean something entirely
different,” Arijit sums up.

(Published 23 October 2013, 15:28 IST)

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