'My favourite actress is Deepika Padukone'

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Last Updated 18 October 2013, 14:01 IST

Footballer Sunil Chhetri, who is also the captain of the Bengaluru Football Club (BFC), is an ace striker who enjoys every minute of the sport and his stay in the City.

When asked how long the player had been in the City, pat comes the reply, “The whole of BFC stays together as one happy family in Lingarajapuram. I wanted to stay in the heart of the City but we had to stay together, to grow and develop as a team.” Sunil adds that this was a good decision since the team bonded well. When Sunil is here in the City, he says that he prefers hanging out on Brigade Road and in the UB City.

Sunil doesn’t have a separate workout schedule but falls in line with the workout routine chalked out for the team. “We don’t want to over-exert ourselves. Once the season starts, it’s more about maintaining our health rather than doing personal workouts,” he says. “During the off season, we stress on our gym workout schedules,” he adds. Commenting further about the team’s schedule, Sunil says, “The best part is that whatever we do, we do it together and we are a very disciplined lot.”

Sunil’s favourite sports personalities include Sania Nehwal, Sachin Tendulkar and Leander Paes. He feels that for every sport star, the schedule and requirements are very different. He states, “What Leander Paes needs or what Sania Mirza requires is different from what a footballer needs. For instance, in the game of football, stamina, strength and brains come together.”

Sunil loves all genre of films and enjoys watching television series. “My favourite actress is Deepika Padukone as of now,” he beams. His other interests include spending time on the PlayStation and going on long drives. “I am not allowed to ride. The club doesn’t allow me to ride and even my mother isn’t happy about me riding,” says the young footballer with a grin.

Talking about the camaraderie among the team members, Sunil observes, “As a group, we gossip and chat a lot about football.”

So what South Indian food has Sunil tried? “I’ve not been able to experiment much. But I’ve had neer dosa and some spicy chicken too – I just loved them,” he replies.

When asked about what football has taught him, he says, “Everything I know is about football. Everything I’ve acquired or achieved is because of football. People know me because of the game. There’s not one point in my life, when I’ve thought that I wanted to be something else.” He sums up saying, “Football is very close to my heart.”

(Published 18 October 2013, 14:01 IST)

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