Roadside parking hinders traffic on Post Office Road

Last Updated 22 December 2019, 18:45 IST

Days after the installation of dividers on Post Office Road, in front of the City Civil Court, commuters are having a harrowing time with the parking of vehicles on the side of the road leading to traffic gridlocks.

While the dividers have helped ensure lane discipline, it has also highlighted the need to end parking of vehicles, which is narrowing the stretch.

The increasing number of hawkers on the footpath is also pushing pedestrians on to the road.

The narrow road is leading to traffic piling up from one end to another end, and the commuters are blaming vehicles parked on the roadside for this.

“With one side of the road is occupied by cars, commuters are hardly left with any space. There is not even enough room for two-wheelers to move around. The divider was very much necessary. But let the road be parking-free,” Siddalingesh, a daily commuter, told DH.

The situation gets worse when heavy vehicles use the stretch.

Sumangala, an employee with a private book on Avenue Road, said: “After the installation of the divider, BMTC buses take more than 20 minutes to cross half a kilometre.”

However, the traffic police seem to be unaware of the situation.

“Till now we have not received any complaints on the traffic issue. I agree the road has become narrow due to parking of vehicles on both the side. We will visit the spot and take appropriate action,” said K V Jagadeesh, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic, East).

(Published 22 December 2019, 18:45 IST)

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