‘Sarvajanarike...’ writer says pace its strength

The situations in the comedy are real, he says
Last Updated : 20 December 2019, 12:48 IST

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Sarvajanarike Suvarnavakasha that released on Friday, is the story of every Indian middle-class household. A college-going and ambitious son, debt-ridden parents and a romance in the offing are just some of the things the movie captures.

The whole story transpires in a span of two days and centres around a college-goer, played by actor Rishi.

Janardhan Chikkanna, co-writer of the story and co-producer, says every scene in the story has been carefully designed to reflect the emotions of the common man. “The title can be interpreted in two ways. One is an invitation for the ordinary man to make the best use of the situation and another way is to tell people that there an interesting offer for them. The title also doubles up as a teaser of sorts,” he says.

The characterisation, according to Janardhan, is unique. Rishi’s role is designed to be a good student, responsible son and loyal boyfriend. “Rishi has to switch emotions very fast. The story takes place in a short span and the challenge lies in executing and portraying the character to perfection. He has no time to think and has to deliver his best in the shortest time. His character is fast, racy and lovable,” adds Janardhan.

About debutant Dhanya Balakrishna’s role, Janardhan, says that he not only wanted a fresh face but wanted an actor who could carry off the girl-next-door look. “I watched a couple of Dhanya’s earlier projects and was impressed with the way she handled the role. She has done complete justice to her part,” he adds.

Janardhan’s earlier project ‘Gultoo’ did well at the box office. Was it a challenge to pull off a similar feat in ‘Sarvajanarike Suvarnavakasha? “There was a lot of research and background work that went into ‘Gultoo.’ Sourcing the technical details was an arduous task.

‘Sarvajanarike...’ thrives on human emotions and showcases what happens when certain characters are put in an uncomfortable situation. The necessities and restrictions that are present in every household is reflected in the film as well. The situations shown in the film are totally relatable,” says Janardhan.

Published 20 December 2019, 12:36 IST

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