Sharief Bhai has authentic Mughlai cuisine

Last Updated 25 January 2019, 13:42 IST

Sharief Bhai, located in Koramangala, near Jyoti Nivas College, is ideal for those in the mood for authentic Muslim cuisine. A warm feel is a common characteristic of both the food and ambience of this eatery.

The first thing that we ordered was ‘Laal Mirchi Gosht ki Sukhi Phaal’, which is lamb ribs sauteed in chilli, coriander, onions with a blend of spices. It is cooked in a frying pan and has just a hint of spice. The dish is served with green chutney made from mint leaves and chillies.

Next came ‘Patthar Gosht’ — flattened lamb marinated in pepper and spices. It is recommended only for those who have a reasonably good tolerance level for spicy food.

A must-try dish is the unique and flavourful ‘Gosht Shami Kabab’. It is a shallow-fried mutton patty stuffed with a boiled egg. Other interesting starters include ‘Tangdi Kabab’ and ‘Gurda Kaleji Fry’, though they can be classified as something of an acquired taste.

The main course has plenty of options to choose from. We started with ‘Har-dil-Azeez Gosht Biryani’. It is a simple blend of spices with jeera rice and soft, well-cooked meat. It is served with raita and brinjal curry.

The ‘Nalli Nihari’ and ‘Gosht Cutt Kufte Ande’ are dishes integral to any Muslim household. ‘Nalli Nihari’ is lamb leg served in a spicy curry. The dish is best served with chapatis and can be truly called as comfort food. No wonder it is one of the fastest-moving items on the menu.

The ‘Gosht Cutt Kufte Ande’ is a traditional dish comprising brown gravy made with horse gram. Cooked for a long period of time, it is mixed with spices, meat, meatballs and boiled eggs. It is best served with khushka or steamed rice.

For dessert, the Muzaffar and Phirni are must-try dishes. The former is a simple, rich offering which resembles kheer, flavoured and
garnished with saffron. It has dry fruits like almonds, pistachios and chironji. The latter is semolina cooked in milk and sugar with a hint of vanilla essence. Serving these desserts in earthen pots adds a quirky touch the experience.

‘Sharief Bhai’ is located at 66, ground floor, near Jyoti Nivas College, Koramangala 5th Block, ground floor.

(Published 25 January 2019, 11:29 IST)

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