Sruthi files plaint against Sarja’s aide over #MeToo

Last Updated : 26 October 2018, 20:59 IST
Last Updated : 26 October 2018, 20:59 IST

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A day after Sandalwood star Arjun Sarja filed an extortion case against Sruthi Hariharan, the actress lodged a complaint against his close associate Prashanth Sambargi, alleging threat to her life.

The High Grounds police have registered an FIR against producer-cum-distributor Sambargi and a few others, and are yet to question them.

In her complaint, Sruthi said she was summoned for a mediation at the Karnataka Film Chambers of Commerce (KFCC) on October 25.

KFCC chairman S A Chinne Gowda and senior actor and former minister Ambareesh had arranged for the mediation to sort out the differences between Sruthi and Sarja.

Sruthi had earlier accused Sarja of sexual misconduct under the #MeToo campaign while shooting for the 2017 bilingual flick ‘Vismaya’.

Several people, including Sarja’s fans, were present inside and outside the chamber building when the mediation session was held.

“Taking advantage of this, Sambargi and his associates were seen giving statements to the media, character assassinating me,” Sruthi alleged in her complaint.

Sambargi was quoted as saying that Sruthi was hurting their religious sentiments through her action. He also said she was spending her foreign money on stories about violence and crimes against women to get publicity.

Sambargi also alleged that Sruthi’s Facebook account has been used from three different locations and he possessed the IP addresses in his private capacity as proof. Sruthi, for her part, said this was an intrusion into her privacy.

According to Sruthi, Sambargi also told reporters that he would not spare her and used abusive words against her, damaging her repute, image and dignity. She also said Sambargi induced Sarja’s fans against her and intimidated her with life threats.

‘False and fabricated’

Meanwhile, Sambargi has dubbed the allegations as “false and fabricated”.

“The statements I have made to the media are based on my personal investigations and views. There are some parties who use the “paid digital campaign” to malign or defame the repute of a celebrity, and money paid in New York can be called foreign funds.

“I’m in support of my family, friend and best buddy Arjun Sarja as I have known him for a long time now,” Sambargi added.

Published 26 October 2018, 19:08 IST

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