Two-day dance festival features many art forms

‘Dancejathre’, the brainchild of Kuchipudi dancer Vyjayanthi Kashi, will take place from dawn to dusk
Last Updated 24 January 2019, 11:45 IST

The eighth edition of Dancejathre, hosted by Shambhavi School of Dance, Kengeri, will happen on January 26 and 27 at Shankaraa foundation, Kanakapura Road.

Vyjayanthi Kashi
Vyjayanthi Kashi

The two-day festival is the brainchild of well-known Kuchipudi dancer Vyjayanthi Kashi.

She says that the idea for Dancejathre was fuelled by events like ‘Gubbi theatre festival’ and ‘Chitra Sante’, “‘Dancejathre’ is a ceremonial affair, where one meets the cultural side of oneself”.

She adds, “There are so many dance forms in India unknown to the common man. As a dancer, I wanted to organise a dance festival from dawn to dusk featuring the folk art forms along with contemporary forms. That is how Dancejathre came about.”

Vyjayanthi, who is also the grand-daughter of renowned theatre director Gubbi Veeranna, shares that she hated dance as a kid and started practising Kuchipudi only at the age of 26. She adds, “Since then, I am totally consumed by it, and there has been no looking back.” Initiated eight years ago, the dance festival is witnessing a steady rise in the number of participants, every year.

Many art connoisseurs, individuals, choreographers, schools, teachers, colleges, educators, scholars and participants from cultural institutions will be attending at the event.

Event details

When: January 26 and 27 from 10 am to 5.30 pm
On-the-spot registration is available.
Where: Shankaraa Foundation, Kanakapura Road.

Highlights of Dancejathre 2019

- The dance fest will happen from dawn to dusk.

- 13 workshops are organised by experts across art forms meant for individuals with any or no proficiency level. Fitness through shastras, the art of choreography, Dandiya and Kalbeliya, Mathematics in Dance, Encoding dance movements are some of the workshops.

- The fair also exhibits a ‘Dancer’s Wall’, which features brochures of dancers who have successfully completed their Arengetrams.

- A photo exhibition called ‘Dancescapes’ by Madhusudan Surendra Menon.

- About 100 artistes are coming in from Hungary and cities across India.

- A performance featuring all Indian dance forms will be staged.

- Sub-junior, junior, senior and group competitions will be held.

The event is open for all.

(Published 24 January 2019, 11:27 IST)

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