What’s in a name?

Last Updated 25 November 2019, 03:10 IST

There are many ways to get people to talk about your restaurant, and giving your joint a clever name is one of them. Puns are considered to be one of the highest displays of wit and sometimes, even brands just want to have some fun. So, here are some restaurants with punny names:

ShakesBierre- Brewpub & Kitchen

The cleverness of the pun is not so much dependent on the fact that it is a play on the name ‘Shakespeare’, as it is on the fact that it is the name of a Shakespeare-themed brew-pub. The joint has taken inspiration from the Bard of Avon and has adorned its walls with some of his most memorable phrases. Their signature brews such as ‘Romeo’s Swagger’, ‘Brisky Brutus’, and ‘Ale Othello’ recalls some of his iconic characters. As a man who could not resist a good quibble, the bard himself would appreciate the pun.


A play on the word ‘stone’, the term that is generally used to describe those under the influence of cannabis. It has been used here to brand ice cream that is made on a slab made out of metal or marble. Apart from their signature ice creams, they also serve pizzas and burgers with Indian flavours.

Sweetish House Mafia

Named after the electronic music duo Swedish House Mafia, who were a fad in 2013 when they started, this brand’s cookies became quite popular instantly. Unlike the band that hung up their headphones early on, ‘Sweetish House Mafia’, which started out in a travelling Nano, has stayed strong and now has brick and mortar stores in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Infinitea Tea Room & Tea Store

The name is a play on the fact that the restaurant offers over 120 types of teas, from Oolong, Earl Gray, Chinese Sencha to Kashmiri Kahwa. They also offer tea pairings with desserts on their menu.

Mr Frutea

The eatery serves Southeast Asian inspired ice teas, bubble teas and fruit infused teas. It has been cleverly named ‘Mr Frutea’, creating a portmanteau of ‘fruit’ and tea’ invoking the word ‘fruity’ and for us Indians, ‘Frooti’ as well.


The name works on multiple levels, as all good puns should. ‘Bar Bar’ in Hindi would mean ‘again and again’, a reference to the idea that people should want to frequent here. It would also mean that it is just a bar that has been named ‘Bar’. The restobar is pocket-friendly place making it a great place to hang out at.

Sotally Tober

This may not be a pun as much as it is a clever play on the phrase ‘Totally Sober’, giving the effect of drunk person proclaiming their soberness, after a few too many drinks. The pub maintains a rustic vibe with paint peeling of old walls, cosy coves and innovative lanterns made out of teapots, foil cups and several other knick-knacks.

(Published 24 November 2019, 13:44 IST)

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