When ‘side hero’ becomes ‘main hero’

Actor Kunaal Roy Kapur of Delhi Belly fame is back with a comedy series about trying to be the centre of attention
Last Updated 24 October 2018, 12:10 IST

Kunaal Roy Kapur may not be the most famous Kapur but he’s definitely the most-talked-about Kapur thanks to a certain life and charisma he brings on screen.

Popularly known for his roles in Delhi Belly and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Kunal is back again with a rib-tickling comedy series called Side Hero which is now available on Eros Now. He takes the audience on Kunaal’s life who is juggling between the willingness to be a lead role but always ends up being the side hero.

He talks to Anila Kurian about the series and how one doesn’t have to feel too bad even if they are considered a side hero.

In a time of biopics, you get a web series to tell your story. How does it feel?

It’s a fictionalised version of Kunaal Roy Kapur rather than the real story. So I wouldn’t call it a biopic. What we’ve used in the story is Kunaal as a real person who is trying to make it big in the industry.

So what’s it like being a side hero?

The term ‘side hero’ was used by people to address a supporting actor. But I haven’t looked at it differently. I think of it as a role that an actor is part of in a good film with good people. And in this project, I am the lead hero.

Any regrets about being considered a side hero?

Not at all. I am happy to have been a part of the films I’ve worked in, no matter what capacity I was involved in. Personally, I am very happy to be able to act and go to out to work.

Just like my character in the series, I know that the glory in being an actor doesn’t necessarily lie in trying to be the lead in a film but just working and being part of a fabulous production. I want to be more involved and express as much as possible in every project.

For your previous project, you had to lose weight. In a time when being yourself is the key, do you still feel that there’s pressure to have the perfect body?

It depends on the role. I believe that your physique should be driven by what the character is. The audience also understands that a certain character needs to be of a certain body type which is what the actor tries to deliver as well. It’s great that this is the direction we’re heading in.

The world of filmmaking has broadened over the years, thanks to digital platforms. Which one do you think has the most potential?

I see more potential in web-driven content as people are able to experiment with genres, characters and flesh out characters over longer duration without compromising the quality of the production. The limited censorship helps too and it has more liberty to be more evocative and proactive with content.

What about your upcoming projects? What are you busy with nowadays?

I’m working on a social drama called Hotel Milan, a romantic comedy called Marudhar Express and a horror film called Mushkil.

(Published 24 October 2018, 11:55 IST)

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