Dasara elephants in relaxed mood

Last Updated 09 October 2019, 18:55 IST

A day after performing the responsible duty, Jamboo Savari, it was time to relax for Dasara elephants and their mahouts, camping on the Palace premises on Wednesday.

Dasara elephants, led by Arjuna , who successfully carried the Golden Howdah on his back, along the Jamboo Savari route on Tuesday, were relaxing. The elephants were given a bath on the Palace premises and nutritious food was served.

The elephants were the star attraction even after Jamboo Savari. Thousands of visitors thronged Mysuru Palace, where the elephants are camping. The visitors were seen clicking photographs and were inquiring about the elephants with the mahouts and kaavadis throughout the day.

This time, out of 13 elephants, 10 elephants were part of Dasara Jamboo Savari. Three new elephants — Eshwara, Lakshmi and Jayaprakash — were not allowed to perform even though they were fit and eligible. Deputy Conservator of Forests M G Alexander said, “The new elephants were not allowed in the interest of public. All the three elephants performed well during rehearsal.”

Elephants for tiger op

Abhimanyu, Gopalaswamy and Jayaprakasha were sent to Chowdahalli in Bandipur for the tiger operation.

The elephants were transported to the forest in trucks from Mysuru Palace on Wednesday.

The remaining 10 elephants — Arjuna, Balarama, Vijaya, Kaveri, Gopi, Durgaparameshwari, Eshwara, Lakshmi, Dhananjaya and Vikrama -- their mahouts and kaavadis, who are camping in the city since one and a half months, will return to their respective camps on Thursday.

Arjuna, his mahout

As usual, howdah elephant Arjuna and his mahout, completed the task – Jamboo Savari— successfully. Arjuna’s mahout Vinu told DH that the elephant was calm and completed the task without any fear. Vinu, who performed as mahout for the third time, said, “This time, I was more confident. I completed the task successfully with the blessings of Chamundeshwari Devi and Arjuna.”

Arjuna was a little disturbed while mounting the golden howdah on his back. According to the authorities, Arjuna was disturbed due to a photo camera flash.

The DCF said, “Not only Arjuna, all the elephants performed well during the procession. The elephants completed the task without any disturbance or fear.”

(Published 09 October 2019, 16:54 IST)

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