‘Girgit’ team agrees to mute scenes in the film

Last Updated 13 September 2019, 18:56 IST

The makers of Tulu film, ‘Girgit’, agreed to mute the scenes ridiculing advocates and the judiciary on Friday.

Mangalore Bar Association (MBA), peeved by the scenes, had succeeded in bringing a temporary stay order against the screening and exhibiting of the film on Thursday.

The team involved in making of the film had succeeded in their last-ditch efforts to
continue screening the film, which was running to packed halls since its release on August 23.

Earlier in the day, Girgit’s debutante Director and lead actor Roopesh Shetty expressed confidence on reaching an amicable solution over the issue with advocates.

“We held talks with advocates yesterday and had explained how the technical glitches prevented the immediate muting of scenes in the picture,’’ Shetty said.

Roopesh Shetty, who had written the script for the film, informed mediapersons at Patrika Bhavan that after a lot of painstaking efforts they had realised their dream of making a quality family entertainer film in Tulu language. He also tendered an apology on the occasion.

The roles in the script were created with the sole intention to ensure that those watching the film were thoroughly entertained for the next three hours, Shetty said.

“The film was never made it with an objective to humiliate the courts or the advocates,” he said and added that he was not keen on confronting the advocates by challenging the lower court’s interim order in a higher court.

On whether the case filed against the film was a good publicity for the film, Roopesh clarified that Girgit was a good film and did not need such publicity.

He said Girgit was being screened in Oman, Qatar and UAE for a record fourth week. Buoyed by the film’s commercial success, they were planning to release the film’s teaser in USA, UK, Sydney and Israel.

(Published 13 September 2019, 18:43 IST)

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