Haven’t come out since nominee was announced: Tejaswini

Last Updated 31 March 2019, 02:16 IST

Almost a week after Tejaswini Ananth Kumar was denied the Bangalore South ticket, there is a steady stream of supporters visiting her residence. Visitors include heads of prominent right-wing organisations and party MLAs who were loyal to her husband, the late Ananth Kumar.

Her supporters are yet to come to terms with the decision, blaming party leadership for the same.

DH’s Akram Mohammed spoke to Tejaswini about the developments. Excerpts

Several BJP leaders close to you and your husband late Ananth Kumar, have sought clarification as to why you were not picked. Have you also asked the party leadership?

Why should I ask for any clarification? It is the high command’s decision and they might have had some reason (to not choose me). I haven’t demanded any explanation. Some people have been questioning about it and we’ll get an answer.

Will you campaign in this election?

I’m a member of BJP. I’ve campaigned for all the elections in the past (for Ananth Kumar). I’ve also campaigned for V Somanna, along with his wife Shailaja and also independently. Similarly, I’ve campaigned after the demise of Jayanagar MLA Vijayakumar for his brother Prahlad Babu. For
this election, too, I will campaign seeking the re-election of Modi.

Will your campaign with the same intensity?

(Smiles) I have campaigned widely in the past, as you know.

You started the campaign and also inaugurated the party office. Now, it appears that there was some miscommunication regarding your candidature.

You should ask these questions to our party leaders. The office that was inaugurated was that of Bangalore South BJP office and not my campaign office.

Your March 29 tweet is being interpreted as an indirect dig at some leaders of BJP and the RSS.

No, I only pointed out that people should not be selfish. I have always maintained that nation comes first and we should not be motivated by our selfish interests.

Was the tweet directed at someone?

Tweets are generally aimed at everyone. Today, we’re in a bit of a confusion. My tweet was meant to remove any doubts people who follow me may have and urge them to work for the country.

Is there still confusion in the party?

Definitely. No, no. I mean, such confusion should not prevail. It’s your job to find out whether there is confusion or not. I’ve not stepped out of the house since the candidate was announced.

(Published 30 March 2019, 17:49 IST)

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