Modi's claims a false propaganda: AAP leader

Last Updated 13 April 2014, 16:43 IST

‘Gujarat CM was responsible for bringing BSY back to BJP fold’

Aam Aadmi Party leader Yogendra Yadav has rebutted the non-corrupt, staunch nationalist projections of BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narenda Modi as false propaganda.

Giving instances of Modi's intervention in a few issues—one in Karnataka and another in Gujarat—he questioned the credibility of the propaganda while speaking at an election campaign rally of AAP candidate for Dakshina Kannada constituency M R Vasudeva, at Town Hall here on Sunday. 

“Narenda Modi is the single person responsible for bringing the corrupt-ridden Yeddurappa back to  the BJP fold. Yet Modi has been projected as non-corrupt. In Gujarat, Modi has allotted acres of government land to Adani group at one rupee per square metre.

But when Indian Air Force asked for land to set up its base in Gujarat, he quoted Rs 8,800 per square metre. When a widow of an army soldier pleaded for a plot which she has been entitled to he demanded huge price. Still, the image being created of Modi is that of a staunch nationalist,” Yadav ridiculed. He wondered how the Adani group sky rocketed its capital from a few hundred crores to 40,000 crores in a short span of 12 years. 

‘Cong running away’

Yadav noted that except in Karnataka and Kerala, the Congress is running away from the electoral battle field for the surety of defeat. Congress persons knew that their 10 years rule had not only received with peoples' disappointments but wide-spread anger also. “The choice of Modi and Rahul Gandhi given to Indian electorate is tragic. It's a mockery of the great history of the country,” he said. 

Alternative politics

Laying stress on the significance of the AAP, he made it clear that the party is not a substitution to the Congress and BJP, but an alternative. 

“We are for an alternative kind of politics. We emphasise on systemic changes. We want to restore power back to people. The governance by gram sabhas is our vision,” he elaborated at a press conference.

Yadav said “as a first timer in LS polls, if the AAP gets 5 to 10 percente of the total polled votes, it should be a decent figure. The party is for the long-run and it had expanded its functioning plank from corruption to systemic corruption now.” 

AAP candidate M R Vasudeva and Karnataka state committee member Shivkumar spoke.

(Published 13 April 2014, 16:43 IST)

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