Stop overexploiting groundwater: expert

Last Updated 06 March 2019, 18:25 IST

Rainwater Harvesting expert N J Devaraja Reddy from Chitradurga said that there is a need to initiate a water revolution as existing water sources have been contaminated leading to a shortage of clean drinking water.

He was addressing the gathering during a seminar on ‘Water Harvesting, Groundwater Preservation and Uses’ at the 70th Shivanubhava Sammelana organised by Shivadhwaita Tatwa Prachara Kendra in Giriyapura in Birur recently.

In an act of overexploiting groundwater resources, more than four crore borewells were sunk using modern technology, said Devarajareddy.

In India, 80% of the groundwater has been exploited. But people continue to sink more borewells, he added.

Many agriculturists were depending on borewells for irrigation. Even places like Udupi are facing drought due to lack of knowledge on preservation and effective utilisation of groundwater.

The expert said that rejuvenation of lakes, rainwater harvesting, recharging groundwater and percolation ponds were the need-of-the-hour.

Progressive farmer Chandrashekhara Naranapura presided over the session. Guru Kumarashrama senior trustee G C Siddappa delivered the keynote address.

Shivadhwaita Tatwa Prachara Kendra working president G C Shivalingappa was present.

(Published 06 March 2019, 18:13 IST)

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