Surasadmagiri plunges into darkness

Dark age
Last Updated : 11 September 2011, 17:11 IST

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Surasadmagiri attached to the City is historically acclaimed very popular, as it houses forts and ancient memorials.

Last year lights were installed at the hill replacing those put in place since 1952. However, now the efforts seem to be futile with the lights being dysfunctional for the past few days.
Disinterestedness among the Town Panchayat to repair the sodium vapour lights,
installed at a huge cost of Rs seven lakh, has led to dissatisfaction among the people,
 said members of the Taluk Citizens’ Welfare Committee.

In 2009-10, Rs five crore was sanctioned to the Town Panchayat under the Chief Minister’s special scheme for the development of cities and towns.

Certain documents indicate that as much as Rs 1.2 crore of the total Rs 5 crore was spent on providing street lights to Gudibande.

A part of the amount sanctioned for the City’s lighting was also used to illuminate the hill, which is an abode of ancient memorials.

Moreover, it was an attempt to protect the memorials from further deterioration of the historically acclaimed hill .

Private company

The Town Panchayat had thus given the contract of illuminating the hill with sodium vapour lamps to a private company, at an estimated cost of Rs seven lakh.

The lights were dysfunctional soon after its installation.

The private company though repaired the lights twice in the beginning have refused to undertake the repairs now.

As a result the hill is now in darkness, rendering the Rs seven lakh investment a waste.

Published 11 September 2011, 17:11 IST

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