PM Modi's 'Mann Ki Baat': Youth hate disorder, anarchy

On the final installment of Prime Minister Modi's Mann Ki Baat show in 2019, he said that the youth hate disorder and anarchy and he also appreciated parliamentarians for their productivity
Last Updated 30 December 2019, 02:20 IST

Amid ongoing students' protests against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and proposed national register of citizens (NRC), Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday reached out to the youth by appreciating their courage to question the system when it does not respond properly.

The contentious CAA, NCR and the National Population Register (NPR), however, did not find a mention in his last Mann-ki-Baat radio programme of the year which lasted for about 30 minutes.

Emphasising that the 'Generation-Z' hate anarchy and disorder of any sorts, Modi stressed that the youth would play “a major role” in modernising India because the new generation is “an embodiment, a reflection of a new system, a new order, a new age and a new thought.”

“They appreciate the system. Not just that, they prefer to follow the system. And in the event of the system not responding properly, they get restless and even courageously question the system itself. I consider this attribute as a virtue,” Prime Minister said.

“One can even say with certitude here, that the country’s youth hate anarchy of any sort. They despise any element of lack of governance and instability; abhorring any shades of nepotism, casteism, favouritism or gender discrimination.”

The Prime Minister asserted that the coming decade belongs to the youth, saying these are the “very people” who have to elevate the country to greater heights.

“I am of the firm belief that for India, this decade will not only be about development and progress of the youth, but also about the country’s progress, harnessing their collective might. This generation will play a major role in modernizing India. I feel it beyond any doubt,” he said.

He called upon the youth give a thought to their responsibility for this decade and take on resolve on the birth anniversary of Vivekananda on January 12.

During his radio address, Prime Minister also spoke in length about the measures being taken for the empowerment of youth in Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh under 'Himayat,' a skill development and employment scheme of the government.

While 1800 youths have been trained in 77 different trades in last two years under the scheme, at least 5000 people of them are now working “somewhere or the other”.

“Many have moved towards self-employment,” he said while sharing few success stories.

Prime Minister appealed to the people to move forth from the new year 2020 to take the country to new heights with “new resolutions, new energy, new enthusiasm and new zeal.”

(Published 29 December 2019, 07:54 IST)

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