A timeline of the US-China trade war

A timeline of the US-China trade war

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The United States and China have engaged in a virtual trade war with each other, with both parties slapping tariffs on the imports of the other to protect their local industries. Here's a timeline of events.Infographic: U.S.-Chinese Trade War Keeps on Escalating | Statista


January 22 - The office of the United States Trade Representatives (USTR) raises a concern about Chinese dominance of the global supply chain. The Us imposed safeguard tariffs on washing machine and solar cell imports.

February 2 - Chinese government start an anti-subsidy investigation regarding imported sorghum originating in the United States

March 9 - Donald Trump signs tariff order on metals from all nations, including China.

March 23 - USTR Launches WTO Challenge against China following China’s protection of Intellectual property rights.

March 23 - China imposes tariffs on $3 billion worth US imports.

April - U.S. US-Shina trade talks break down after the US demanded that China curtail support for high-technology industries. China offered to cut the bilateral trade deficit by $50 billion.

April 3 -  US releases a list of products on which tariffs were to be added. Tariffs on $50 billion worth imports.

April 4 - China responds by saying that it will levy an additional 25 per cent tariffs on 106 US products.

April 5 - China files a complaint to the WTO against US for taxes on steel and aluminium.

April 5 - Trump says that he will consider additional tariffs on $100 billion worth Chinese imports.

April 16 - US penalises Chinese company ZTE for doing business with Iran and North Korea.

May 3 - Failed trade talks in Beijing.

May 10 - ZTE stops major operations in the US.

May 13 - Trump says that he is working to revive ZTE operations in the US.

May 17 - Trade talks commence in Washington.

May 20 - Joint statement is released. The US agrees to hold off on tariffs while China agrees to increase the purchase of American goods.

May 22 - China and US agree on an outline to settle ZTE dispute. China offers to remove tariffs on American farm goods as part of the deal.

May 23 - Trump reverses action taken on the previous day.

May 25 - US fines ZTE for $1.3 dollars.

May 28 - China says that it will approve Qualcomm deal if the ban of ZTE is lifted by the American government.

May 29 - US says that it will add tariffs on an additional $50 billion worth imports. They announce a plan on limiting Chinese visas to protect intellectual property.

May 30 - China announces that they will reduce tariffs on consumer goods from the US.

June 2 - Joint talks in Beijing.

June 3 - China says that all previous deals will be considered void if further tariffs are imposed.

June 7 - US announces deal that will get ZTE back to business.

June 15 - U.S. announces tariffs on $50 billion of imports from China. China retaliates accordingly.

June 19 - Trump threatens tariffs on $200 billion worth imports.

June 3 - Micron Technology ordered to stop sales in China.

June 6 - ZTE receives limited authorization to get back to business. Tariffs on $16 billion worth imports imposed by both countries.

September 24 - Cumulative tariffs on $200 billion Chinese imports and $60 billion US imports.


May 10 - Cumulative tariffs on $250 billion worth Chinese imports and $110 billion worth US imports.