Brit swims under Antarctica ice to create awareness

British man swims beneath Antarctica ice to create awareness about climate change

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Global warming is a threat that has engulfed the earth threatening its very existence. Environmentalists, activists, world leaders, and common people are voicing their concerns about climate change in unison, with the scientists wary of finding a way to stop nature's deterioration. In such a scenario, a 50-year-old man swam under the Antarctica ice sheet in a bid to raise awareness about climate change. 

"I swam here in East Antarctica to bring you this message: Having witnessed the rapid melting in this region, I have no doubt that we are now facing a climate emergency. At #COP26, world leaders need to step up or step aside. Time is running out." he tweeted from his official account. 

Lewis Pugh, a resident of  Plymouth, England,  swam beneath the Antarctica ice sheet, wearing just a swimming trunk in the freezing cold.  He completed the swim in about eight minutes.

He reportedly told the BBC that it was the most dangerous swim of his life, as the glacier is very unstable. 

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