Met predicts another cold day for Delhi

Met predicts another cold day for Delhi

Delhi witnessed another chilly day with Saturday's maximum temperature recorded at 12.6 degrees Celsius, which is eight notches below average for this time of the season.

The minimum temperature was a notch up from Friday's 2.7 degrees. Met Department has predicted a cold and foggy Sunday in Delhi as well. "The minimum temperature on Saturday was 2.9 degrees, four notches below average," said an official. The Met Department official added that the maximum and minimum temperatures on Sunday are likely to be around 13 and 3 degrees Celsius respectively. "The icy winds are because of snowfall in the northern hilly regions," the official added.

Approximately 23 trains were delayed for about six hours because of dense fog. “There have been delays and rescheduling of trains and 10 were cancelled due to the fog," said an official from the Northern Railway. Also, one flight was delayed and 23 flights operated in Low Visibility Procedure due to this blanket of fog as per information derived from the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Delhi has been witnessing intense cold conditions throughout the week where Friday was declared the coldest with minimum temperature recorded at 2.7 degrees — season's lowest temperature so far.

On Wednesday, the capital witnessed the coldest day in 44 years when the maximum temperature stood at 9.8 degrees.