Resolution introduced in Pak Parliament seeking support

Resolution introduced in Pak Parliament seeking support

Resolution introduced in Pak Parliament seeking support

A resolution introduced in Pakistan's parliament today sought support for the beleaguered government, currently facing its worst crisis since coming to power nearly four years ago due to a standoff with the judiciary and the military.

The resolution, moved by Awami National Party chief Asfandyar Wali Khan, sought the endorsement and support of parliament for "efforts made by the political leadership for strengthening democracy" and called for reposing "full confidence and trust" in the leadership.

The resolution was moved on the second day of a special session of the National Assembly or lower house of parliament that was convened by the Pakistan People's Party-led coalition to discuss the Supreme Court's warning that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani could be disqualified if he failed to revive corruption cases against President Asif Ali Zardari.

TV news channels reported that the text of the resolution was changed at the insistence of the PPP's allies.

The original draft had sought support for the President and Prime Minister but this was replaced with the term "political leadership".

The original draft had spoken of a possible "confrontation" between state institutions but this was changed to include a sentence that said all state institutions must "strictly function" within constitutional limits.

The National Assembly is expected to vote on the resolution on Monday, when the apex court will resume hearing the case for reopening cases of alleged money laundering against Zardari in Switzerland.

On the same day, a Supreme Court-appointed commission will resume its proceedings on the alleged memo that had sought US help to stave off a feared coup in Pakistan after the killing of Osama bin Laden in May last year.

The apex court formed the commission after accepting the powerful military's contention that an independent probe should be ordered into the Memogate scandal.

Prime Minister Gilani said in the National Assembly this morning that he would not seek a vote of confidence or the opposition's support to be "saved from the military", but the resolution moved by of the PPP's allies appeared to be aimed at shoring up the beleaguered government's position.

The resolution stated that the "basic constitutional principle of trichotomy of powers must be fully respected and adhered to" for the furtherance of democracy and democratic institutions, and "all state institutions must strictly function within the limits imposed on them by the Constitution".

"This House believes that the present democratic dispensation‚ which is about to complete four years‚ came in to being as a result of great sacrifices rendered by the people of Pakistan," the resolution said.

"This House reiterates the belief of the democratic forces that the future of Pakistan and well-being of its people lies in the continuation and strengthening of democratic institutions and constitutionalism for the resolution of national issues‚ strengthening of the federation and empowering the people of Pakistan," it added.

The resolution further said that "sovereignty lies with the people of Pakistan and the parliament is the repository of the collective wisdom of the people".

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