IPL 2019 | Sensational display grants RR much-deserved victory over SRH

Match 45 and it is a clash between Rajasthan and Hyderabad in the former's den. The hosts are hanging by a thin thread in the race for qualification after their narrow win against Kolkata. They have found a gem in the 17-year-old, Riyan Parag and Jofra Archer once again stepped up to the occasion for them, this time though with the bat. One would believe, the former has surely sealed his spot in the XI for the remainder of the season. However, they would miss the services of the latter along with Ben Stokes as the two will be heading for national duties. Jofra though will be more of a miss as he has been the go-to man for Rajasthan with the ball while Ben Stokes wasn't too influential in this edition. Still, those are two big boots to fill in and Rajasthan will have to find the players of similar caliber to replace them. They might just get in Ish Sodhi to replace the pacer and one of Ashton Turner or Liam Livingstone in place of the Big Ben. These three mentioned players though haven't performed too well in the limited opportunities they got. Rajasthan will have to up their game as they are against a strong Hyderabad side. Agreed, the orange team will be without Jonny Bairstow but they have Kane Williamson who is also a top-class player. The Kiwi in all likelihood would directly slot into the XI and also take over the captaincy. The touring party head into this game on the back of a defeat but Manish Pandey coming back to form is a big positive for them. Wriddhiman Saha might also get a chance in place of either Yusuf Pathan or Deepak Hooda as suggested by Bairstow in an interview. Also, it will be interesting to see if Shakib Al Hasan keeps his place or Mohammad Nabi, who has done quite well this season, replaces him. Their bowling took a pounding in the last game but overall it has done a decent job in this edition and hence we don't expect too many changes in that department. Despite playing in unfamiliar conditions, the visitors are the favourites heading into the game as the pink team has not performed too well in front of their home crowd in 2019. A win here will help Hyderabad stay in the top 4 while Rajasthan winning will keep their hopes alive. Both the sides have plenty on the line and we can expect another excellent contest.
  • 23:33

    RR win by 7 wickets and five balls to spare

    That's it! RR have capped off a rather comfortable victory over a hapless SRH side.

    The visitors started well, with Manish Pandey (61 from 36) and David Warner taking control, but their wickets followed by some applicative death bowling restricted them to 160-8.

    In reply, RR set the tone courtesy of Liam Livingstone, who struck a quick-fire 44. Sanju Samson controlled the innings and shepherded the team to victory.

    As far as SRH are concerned now, it's allmust-win from here.

    That's all from me, Akarshak Roy. Hope you enjoyed the coverage of this fixture, do tune in tomorrow for the double header! Until then, goodbye.

  • 23:19

    152/3 after 18 overs

    Rajasthan Royals require another 9 runs with 7 wickets and 12 balls remaining

    17.6 Kumar to Samson, tapped away for a run

    17.5 Kumar to Turner, sliced to deep third for a run

    17.4 Kumar to Turner, mistimed, straight to midwicket, another dot ball

    17.3 Kumar to Turner, under-edged to point, dot ball

    17.2 Kumar to Samson, one leg bye

    17.1 Kumar to Turner, clipped off his pads, one run. The dug out cheers for him as well!

  • 23:11

    148/3 after 17 overs

    Rajasthan Royals require another 13 runs with 7 wickets and 18 balls remaining

    16.6 Khaleel to Smith, short ball, pulled but top edged, OUT! Caught at fine leg

    16.5 Khaleel to Samson, slower one, nudged to deep cover, one run

    16.4 Khaleel to Smith, short ball, steps down the wicket, slapped to deep cover, one run

    16.3 Khaleel to Smith, sixth stump line, dragged to fine leg, races away for FOUR!

    16.2 Khaleel to Samson, pushed to deep point for a run

    16.1 Khaleel to Samson, back of a length outside off, authoritatively pulled over midwicket for FOUR!

  • 23:06

    137/2 after 16 overs

    Rajasthan Royals require another 24 runs with 8 wickets and 24 balls remaining

    15.6 Kumar to Smith, sensational delivery! He's beaten off the good length

    15.5 Kumar to Smith, goes way across and whips it to deep fine, they take a couple

    15.4 Kumar to Smith, defended to point, no run

    15.3 Kumar to Smith, good length on leg stump, blocked off the back foot, no run

    15.2 Kumar to Samson, short ball, tucked away to deep square, one run taken

    15.2 Kumar to Samson, wide

    15.1 Kumar to Smith, full length on the wicket, flicked away with ease, one run

  • 23:00

    133/2 after 15 overs

    Rajasthan Royals require another 29 runs with 8 wickets and 30 balls remaining

    14.6 Khaleel to Smith, slower ball yorker, tapped for a run

    14.5 Khaleel to Smith, once again down the leg side, guided to fine leg with a simple touch, FOUR! SRH are just not helping themselves

    14.4 Khaleel to Samson, clipped to the leg side again, one run on this occasion.

    14.3 Khaleel to Samson, touch and tun, excellent cricket. These two take another couple!

    14.2 Khaleel to Samson, pulled off his pads again, but this time to the fielder, dropped! They run a couple again

    14.1Khaleel to Samson, down the leg side, whipped off his pads elegantly, they take two

  • 22:57

    120/2 after 14 overs

    Rajasthan Royals require another 41 runs with 8 wickets and 36 balls remaining

  • 22:52

    114/2 after 13 overs

    Rajasthan Royals require another 47 runs with 8 wickets and 42 balls remaining

  • 22:46

    100/2 after 12 overs

    Rajasthan Royals require another 61 runs with 8 wickets and 48 balls remaining

    11.6 Shakib to Smith, steps down the wicket again, chipped over short midwicket in the gap, FOUR!

    11.5 Shakib to Smith, full toss, whipped away in the gap, two runs

    11.4 Shakib to Samson, slower through the air, pushed to cover, one run

    11.3 Shakib to Rahane, full length, timed well as he lofts it down the ground, Warner makes no mistake at long off! OUT!

    11.2 Shakib to Rahane, dropped shorter, hangs back and pulls it in the gap, two runs again

    11.1 Shakib to Rahane, goes to the pitch of the ball and crunches it down the ground, two taken as long on does well

  • 22:40

    89/1 after 11 overs

    10.6 Kaul to Rahane, pushed down the ground, one run

    10.5 Kaul to Rahane, way too wide, but he went across, hence not given, dot ball

    10.4 Kaul to Samson, chipped over short midwicket, long on covers up, one run

    10.3 Kaul to Samson, slower ball, rises on to him, blocked, no run

    10.2 Kaul to Samson, driven to point, dot ball

    10.2Kaul to Samson, wide

    10.1Kaul to Samson, full length, he's just picked that up and gorgeously played a cover drive for SIX! One could watch that again and again!

    10.1 Kaul to Samson, wide

  • 22:36

    79/1 after 10 overs

    9.6 Rashid to Samson, little straighter, flicked for a run

    9.2-9.5Rashid to Samson, scintillating bowling, four dots

    9.1 Rashid to Livingstone, OUT! It was the wrong 'un, inside edge, excellent take by Saha

  • 22:29

    78/0 after 9 overs

    8.6 Khaleel to Rahane, mistimes, to long off, falls short

    8.4-8.5 Khaleel to Rahane, two dot balls

    8.3 Khaleel to Livingstone, smashed down the ground to long off for a run

    8.2 Khaleel to Livingstone, slower ball on good length, tries to run it down third man but misses

    8.1 Khaleel to Rahane, tucked away off his pads, one run taken

  • 22:27

    74/0 after 8 overs

  • 22:21

    67/0 after 7 overs

    6.6 Rashid to Livingstone, tucked away in the gap, two runs

    6.5 Rashid to Livingstone, picks the length very quickly, and hammers it for FOUR!

    6.4 Rashid to Livingstone, went for the audacious paddle off Rashid, appeal but not out, dot ball

    6.3 Rashid to Rahane, flicked to the on side, one run

    6.2 Rashid to Rahane, misses, outside off, teasing line, dot ball

    6.1 Rashid to Rahane, on middle stump, defended well, dot ball

  • 22:15

    60/0 after 6 overs

    5.6 Kaul to Livingstone, slower ball bouncer, flat-batted down the ground like a tennis forehand, SIX! This is brilliant!

    5.5 Kaul to Livingstone, pull shot over mid on, to his right, FOUR!

    5.4 Kaul to Livingstone, dot ball, goes for the pull again but misses

    5.3 Kaul to Livingstone, length ball, crunched over midwicket! SIX! He needs to be sensible and get off strike now.

    5.2 Kaul to Livingstone, he's looking to hit everything out of the park, knuckleball, missed by the batsman

    5.1 Kaul to Livingstone, back of a length down the leg side, pull shot to deep square, FOUR!

  • 22:10

    40/0 after 5 overs

    4.6 Khaleel to Rahane, consistent line and length, but catches the outside edge, thirdman is up, FOUR!

    4.5 Khaleel to Livingstone, length ball, not in his arc, hit down the ground for one

    4.4 Khaleel to Livingstone, slower ball on good length, timed crisply but straight to cover, no run

    4.3 Khaleel to Livingstone, back of a length, went for the big hoick, misses

    4.2 Khaleel to Rahane, slower one on fifth stump, chipped to deep third for one

    4.1 Khaleel Ahmed to Rahane, good length outside off, catches the inside half of the bat, straight to the bowler, dot ball

  • 21:53

    34/0 after 4 overs

  • 21:35

    160/8 after 20 overs

    19.6 Aaron to Rashid, over long off, SIX!

    19.5 Aaron to Rashid, mid off is up, he's slogged it over mid off for FOUR!

    19.4 Aaron to Rashid, inside edge to fine leg, they run two! Excellent, last-ditch running

    19.3 Aaron to Kumar, back of a length, he gives himself room but doesn't pick the back of the hand, caught! OUT!

    19.2 Aaron to Kumar, cross seamer, quick bouncer, four byes! Samson misses it completely as it dips on him

    19.1 Aaron to Rashid, zip off the wicket, outside off, they take a run as he nudges it

  • 21:30

    142/7 after 19 overs

    18.6 Unadkat to Rashid, on off stump, late cut, one run

    18.5 Unadkat to Kumar, defended with soft hands, they snatch a run

    18.4 Unadkat to Bhuvneshwar Kumar, seam up, beaten

    18.3 Unadkat to Rashid, pushed down the ground, one run

    18.2 Unadkat to Rashid, slower one on middle stump, flicked away to deep square for a run

    18.1 Unadkat to Shakib, pace off once again, tried to pull it away, straight to long on, this time Gopal makes no mistake, OUT!

  • 21:24

    137/6 after 18 overs

    17.6 Thomas to Rashid Khan, fiery bouncer! Ducks

    17.5 Thomas to Saha, attempts the pull, caught by Samson! OUT!

    17.4 Thomas to Saha, high up in the air, dropped by Shreyas Gopal at fine leg! they take two

    17.3 Thomas to Shakib, shorter one, slapped away to point, one run taken

    17.3 Thomas to Shakib, wide ball

    17.2 Thomas to Saha, sharp bouncer, hits him high on the bat, one run

    17.1 Thomas to Shakib, slower one, flicked to fine leg, one run

  • 21:18

    131/5 after 17 overs

    16.6 Unadkat to Shakib, steps down the track, lofts it over cover, one run

    16.5 Unadkat to Saha, slower ball, whipped to the leg side, one run

    16.4 Unadkat to Shakib, another slower one, clipped to deep square, one run

    16.3 Unadkat to Saha, tucked to the leg side, one run

    16.2 Unadkat to Hooda, slower one, chipped back to the bowler, Unadkat times his jump to perfection and plucks it with one hand! What a catch! OUT!

    16.1 Unadkat to Shakib, goes across and pulls it to fine leg, Aaron dives well but dropped! They take a run

  • 21:11

    126/4 after 16 overs

    15.6 Aaron to Shakib, firmly struck to deep cover, one run

    15.5 Aaron to Shankar, slower ball, this time it's the off cutter, slices it to deep midwicket, Unadkat completes a fine catch, OUT!

    15.4 Aaron to Shakib, outside off, driven to deep cover, one run

    15.3 Aaron to Shakib, top edged but in the gap, they take two

    15.2 Aaron to Shakib, dot ball

    15.1 Aaron to Shankar, full length, gets the outside edge, stopped well but Samson, one run

  • 21:06

    121/3 after 15 overs

    Gopal strikes! Manish Pandey had just given himself room and just caressed Gopal over covers, but he altered his length and beat him. Samson meanwhile, was alert to Pandey's imbalance at the crease, as he dislodged the bails at just the right time!

  • 21:01

    113/2 after 14 overs

    13.6 Parag to Pandey, down the leg side, another single

    13.5 Parag to Shankar, slower in the air, nudged to midwicket for a run

    13.4 Parag to Pandey, struck hard down the ground but straight to long off, single

    13.3 Parag to Shankar, full length, firmly pushed down the ground, one

    13.2 Parag to Pandey, big heave down the ground, single, to long off

    13.1 Parag to Shankar, good length on the stumps, flicked to midwicket for a single

  • 20:55

    107/2 after 13 overs

    12.6 Thomas to Shankar, tapped for a single

    12.5 Thomas to Shankar, that's got some steam! Beats him completely

    12.4 Thomas to Pandey, on middle stump, driven to covers for a run

    12.3 Thomas to Shankar, defended, they sneak a tight single

    12.2 Thomas to Pandey, back of a length, guided to third man, one run

    12.1 Thomas to Warner, gives himself room, dropped short, Smith take a beauty while running back! What a catch!

  • 20:51

    103/1 after 12 overs

    11.6 Binny to Warner, pulled to deep square, good over for SRH again, one run

    11.5 Binny to Pandey, driven back to the bowler, and that's 50 for Manish Pandey, off just 27 deliveries!

    11.4 Binny to Pandey, slower one on off stump, blocked

    11.3 Binny to Pandey, short ball outside off, slapped to deep cover, two taken

    11.2 Binny to Pandey, full length, smacked! Straight as an arrow for FOUR!

    11.1 Binny to Warner, good length on leg stump, swatted away, one run

    11.1 Binny to Warner, wide ball down the leg side

  • 20:43

    93/1 after 11 overs

  • 20:39

    79/1 after 9 overs

    8.6 Parag to Pandey, driven straight to cover, dot ball

    8.5 Parag to Pandey, drops his length short, pulled hard in the gap for FOUR!

    8.4 Parag to Pandey, googly, overpitched, smashed down the ground, FOUR

    8.3 Parag to Pandey, swatted away of his pads, they take a couple

    8.2 Parag to Warner, again spins inward, tucked away for a run

    8.1 Parag to Pandey, full length on middle, straightens on, driven down the ground for a run

  • 20:33

    67/1 after 8 overs

    7.6 Gopal to Warner, short ball, cut to point, no run

    7.5 Gopal to Pandey, googly on leg stump, one run

    7.4 Gopal to Pandey, shorter ball on the stump, pulled away imperiously, FOUR!

    7.3 Gopal to Pandey, similar length, this time cut away with control and placement, FOUR!

    7.2 Gopal to Pandey, cut away well, but straight to point, one run

    7.1 Gopal to Warner, shorter ball, stock delivery, Warner punches away for one

  • 20:29

    56/1 after 7 overs

    6.6 Parag to Warner, spins towards him, one run to deep cover again

    6.5 Parag to Pandey, teasing length, driven past covers, one run

    6.4 Parag to Warner, similar delivery, punched off the backfoot, one run

    6.3 Parag to Pandey, full length, he's bowling great lines and lengths, pushed to mid on, one run

    6.2 Parag to Warner, arm ball, Warner steers to deep cover, one run

    6.1 Parag to Pandey, defended off the front foot, to long on, one run

  • 20:25

    51/1 after 6 overs

    5.6 Thomas to Pandey, guided to deep third, one run

    5.5 Thomas to Pandey, shorter ball, doesn't rise as much, he slaps it away in the gap for FOUR!

    5.4 Thomas to Warner, pats away, single taken

    5.3 Thomas to Warner, tight lines, straight to midwicket, dot ball

    5.2 Thomas to Pandey, easy single taken

    5.1 Thomas to Warner, pulled off the backfoot, the ball rushed on to him, excellent running, three

  • 20:20

    41/1 after 5 overs

    4.5-4.6 Unadkat gives away a couple of runs

    4.4 Unadkat to Pandey, short, pulled away to deep midwicket, fOUR!

    4.3 Unadkat to Warner, similar to the first ball, tapped for a run

    4.2 Unadkat to Pandey, full length, extended defence, one run

    4.1 Unadkat to Warner, back of a length, Warner knocks it down with soft hands, one run

  • 20:15

    32/1 after 4 overs

    4.6 Gopal to Pandey, full length, he slaps down the ground, FOUR! He's a man brimming with confidence

    4.5 Gopal to Williamson, the spin works! Good move by Smith! Pitched on good length, totally beats him with the googly

    4.4 Gopal to Williamson, steps down the wicket, defended

    4.3 Gopal to Williamson, googly on full length, teasing, defended

    4.2 Gopal to Warner, fuller length, straightens, patted down the ground, quick run

    4.1 Gopal to Warner, googly on good length, Warner slashes but straight to the fielder, no run

  • 20:10

    27/0 after 3 overs

    2.6 Aaron to Warner, clipped off his pads, deep square mops up, they take a single

    2.5 Aaron to Williamson, better line, they take a run

    2.4 Aaron to Williamson, wider delivery, leans on the drive, FOUR runs!

    2.3 Aaron to Williamson, punched to point, misfield again! What are they doing here? Two runs taken

    2.2 Aaron to Williamson, slower ball, defended back to the bowler, dot ball

    2.1 Aaron to Williamson, length ball outside off, hint of outswing, beaten

  • 20:05

    19/0 after 2 overs

    1.6 Thomas to Warner, sharp bouncer, Warner dodges, dot ball

    1.5 Thomas to Warner, excellent line on leg stump, cramps him for room, two leg byes

    1.4 Thomas to Williamson, cut away once more, single taken

    1.3 Thomas to Williamson, length ball, defended

    1.2 Thomas to Williamson, sliced away to deep third, misfield, FOUR! RR have gifted nine out of 16 runs so far through freebies

    1.1 Oshane Thomas to Warner, length ball, tapped to point, they take the run, but two overthrows!

  • 19:55

    Start of the SRH innings - 9/0 after 1 over

    0.6 Aaron to Warner, slower ball, clipped away, they take three due to a misfield

    0.5 Aaron to Warner, tight lines, length ball, defended, dot ball

    0.4 Aaron to Williamson, knuckleball, punched to covers, single taken quickly

    0.3 Aaron to Williamson, full length on off stump, mistimed to mid off, dot ball

    0.2 Aaron to Williamson, sharp inswing, full length, Williamson beaten, dot ball

    0.1 Varun Aaron to David Warner, back of a length, Warner attempts to leave but taps it, overthrow, FIVE runs!

  • 19:54

    Rajasthan Royals XI:Ajinkya Rahane, Sanju Samson(w), Steven Smith(c), Riyan Parag, Ashton Turner, Liam Livingstone, Stuart Binny, Shreyas Gopal, Jaydev Unadkat, Varun Aaron, Oshane Thomas

    Sunrisers Hyderabad XI:David Warner, Kane Williamson(c), Manish Pandey, Vijay Shankar, Shakib Al Hasan, Wriddhiman Saha(w), Deepak Hooda, Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Siddarth Kaul, K Khaleel Ahmed

  • 19:32

    JUST IN: RR have won the toss and elected to bowl first