Kodavas gear up for week-long Huttari celebrations

Kodavas gear up for week-long Huttari celebrations

People purchase firecrackers for Huttari festival.

Farmers in Kodagu, though rendered homeless and landless following recent flash flood and landslide, are busy making preparations for full-fledged Huttari celebrations.

A farmer said, “Life means challenges. But Huttari tradition is a part and parcel of Kodava culture”. Hence, he said the farmers did not opt for low-key celebrations this time.

The Huttari celebrations start from Friday and will go on for a week. ‘Huttari Kolata’ will be organised in  villages during this time. Many sports events, including folk games, are also conducted by traditional Kodava families.

Ahead of Huttari celebrations, the farmers are ready to welcome ‘Dhanyalakshmi’, grains considered to be a form of Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity, into their homes. The celebrations will have an auspicious start with a puja at Padi Iggutappa temple near Napoklu. The temple is decked up for the special moment. The custom of ‘Nere Kattuvudu’ will be conducted at 7.15 pm on November 23, during the auspicious star of Rohini.

The paddy crop will be harvested at 8.15 pm, as a part of the custom ‘Kadiru Tegeyuvudu’. Devotees will be given Prasadam at 9.15 pm. Standing Paddy crop will also be harvested at the fields of Omkareshwara Temple in Madikeri. The festivities, marked by religious fervor, will be observed in the houses of Kodavas.

After the paddy is harvested in the field of Iggutappa temple, all farmers symbolically harvest the crops in their fields. Before harvesting the crop, puja is performed in the fields. Gunshots ring through the air and fireworks light up the sky as part of the tradition. Farmers sing traditional songs while carrying paddy sheaths to their houses. Newly harvested grains will be welcomed into the houses. The members of the family will tickle their taste buds with delicious food prepared for the new corn. People will observe the custom at Ainmane family, en-masse.

Kodava and Gowda Samajas have organised ‘Kolata’, ‘Kattiyat’, ‘Ummattat’ and ‘Dudikott Pat’ on Old fort premises in Madikeri on November 24. ‘Kodava Valaga’, the music of traditional Kodava trumpet, adds colours to the celebrations.