Does facial yoga really work?

Do you wIsh to add a natural glow to your face while getting rid of wrinkles and the stubborn double chin, try facial yoga, suggests Aparna Shivapura
Last Updated 17 June 2019, 19:30 IST

Quit the botox chase and head towards facial yoga to ensure you have a face that is glowing, stress and wrinkle-free, and above all, one that is age-defying! It is advisable to throw out all the anti-ageing treatments, chemical-filled creams, and so called ‘wonder-tonics’ to make you look younger. Try an unusual and not-so-familiar workout for the face and you can experience desired long-lasting results coupled with surprising health benefit:

Experience facial rejuvenation

Some of the facial yoga practices include:

Simha Mudra: Kneel down with palms on thighs and stick your tongue out, forcefully bring it downwards, while simultaneously roaring like a lion.

Jivha Bandha: Also called the locked tongue pose, for this, place the tip of your tongue on the upper wall of your mouth, force your tongue against the wall till you can feel the stretch of your neck.

Sarvangasana: Also called the shoulder stand, this is one of the most effective of the asanas to enhance blood circulation to your face.

Uttanasana: Also called the forward-bending pose, this enhances skin rejuvenation by increasing oxygen supply to the facial skin cells.

Matsyasana: Also called the fish pose, this gives a good stretch to the facial and neck muscles and reduces a double chin.

Some of the other beneficial asanas include tadasana, pavanamuktasana, bhujangasana and ustrasana.

(Published 17 June 2019, 19:30 IST)

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