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Polka dots, floral, geometric, abstract prints can up your fashion game. Men, look casual and classy in printed shirts
Last Updated 18 February 2019, 19:30 IST

Has the episode of putting on the same old suit every week left you confused when it comes to weekend dressing? Fret not, the cure to your woes is right here. Printed shirts are here to the rescue. Be it an understated sprout print or an overgrown garden, a floral print shirt is a must-have item in every man’s wardrobe this season. The shirt just got a whole lot more fascinating and interesting and it is all about the prints now: polka dots, geometric, abstract, retro, and most predominantly, floral. What’s more, unusually printed shirts will lend you with the sartorial stimulation that you need to bolster your casual style dressing.

Here’s a handy guide on mastering the printed apparel trend with much élan:

Flower power

We always tend to associate flowery and bloomy prints with a shirt exclusively meant to be worn when on a vacay. But this trend is so much more than your imagination. You can actually pull it off with ease and it can become one of your go-to outfits. A fancy floral shirt can look really modish and on point when you opt for a shirt that is fairly loose-fitting around the body. But you must ensure to keep the shades to a minimum. The best way to wear a floral shirt is to button it up and pair it with black jeans or trousers. Floral shirts for men are perhaps the coolest floral element to style that help channelise your inner vacay vibe. Another way to nail this print is to wear it open with a white tee underneath. This lets you go for livelier and gallant prints as the loudness is effortlessly counterbalanced by the t-shirt underneath the floral shirt.

Beach vibes

Do you remember the good old 90s when every other man on the road could be spotted in a patterned palm tree shirt? Like how every classic bygone trend makes its comeback in the right time, this trend has also been currently making rounds in the men’s fashion domain. Palm prints are characteristically linked with Hawaii trips and travelling. Even if you are not travelling, this print allows you to have a dash of green foliage around you with palm-printed shirts. A half-sleeve palm-printed shirt can be effortlessly matched with shorts and sneakers, thus lending you an uber cool look.

Subtle ombre

Bring out the artist in you with an ombre denim shirt that is a perfect option if you are looking to ditch block prints this season. The steady and measured blending of one colour to another is a flawless match to your dark blue denim. It also makes room to don ombre prints in manifold shades, instead of just a monochromatic colour scheme.

Geometric flair

Once an old-style pattern dedicated to ties and pocket squares, geometric prints have become the most-wanted designs today. An unusual element of this print is that geometric motifs are lively and sober at the same time. This is easy to include and fits best from casual to formal wear. Right from squares, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles to some crazy shapes, these are instant eye-catchers. A white symmetrical printed shirt combined with denim is good to go.

Quirky prints

If you belong to the category of people who like to experiment with a fun element in your styling, then these prints are the perfect choice for you. A must-have print for men, this eccentric and quirky pattern can be anything right from your favourite cartoon character, animal prints or any random stuff like mustache prints, umbrellas, flags, burgers and fries. So, select from a collection of unconventional patterns to lend you a visually pleasing look.

Bohemian mood

If you want to try out a novel bohemian style, a patterned shirt is a must-have. There is no better way to show off your non-conformist persona than with a shirt that does not adapt to the old style rules of men’s dressing. So, you can reserve the pinstripes and checks for the corporate world and let your imaginative side run wild. It does not matter if you have a liking for florals, paisley or even some understated animal prints, you will never go wrong when picking a boho shirt. Just ensure it is striking and distinctive. To truly solidify your bohemian look, you must opt for a lightweight cotton shirt without ironing it. The creases in the breezy material will have a fashionably messy and unfinished appearance. When we talk about shape, loose is best and short-sleeved is suitably unconventional. Similarly, rolled-up long sleeves and a couple of open buttons carry a similar nonchalant attitude.

‘P’ for patchwork

Originally, this print was only limited to using the scrapings of fabrics and have now have managed to become a trendsetter. Denim patches, unquestionably, look best. In fact, in present times, more and more brands are crafting patched shirts that comprise printed fabrics. These super casual apparels are season-friendly and lend you an edgier vibe.

Men’s fashion, when compared to women’s, is nowhere less fashionable if you keep a track of updated and modernised fashion trends of the market. The orbit of fashion is constantly evolving and is updating on a minute-to-minute basis. If we talk about the latest fashion trends for men that is undoubtedly going to rule this season, it is nothing but printed shirts.

(The author is founder & CEO, Corporate Collars)

(Published 18 February 2019, 19:30 IST)

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