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An offbeat NYC itinerary
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Is the secret to your perfect New York City trip written in the stars? Whatever zodiac sign you were born under, read on for the NYC itinerary that best suits you:


Aquarians are friendly and get along famously with everyone, while also sporting a big humanitarian streak. So, the world headquarters of the United Nations is a must-see on your NYC itinerary. Take a guided tour with stops in the General Assembly hall. Another trait of those born under this under-the-sea sign is their unpredictability. So, head to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean for one of the wildest experiences NYC has to offer: Coney Island’s Cyclone Roller Coaster.


You’re an expert daydreamer. Now, let’s turn those dreams into solid plans. Start by winding your way through MoMA PS1’s modern exhibits and whimsical installations, which should be right up your art-loving alley. Afterward, take some time to get lost in thought in your ideal habitat: the waterfront. Nearby Gantry Plaza State Park fits the bill and has entrancing views of Manhattan to boot. You tend to get bored easily, so entertain your taste buds with spicy fried chicken, pork belly nuggets and kohlrabi slaw at Sweet Chick.


You’re the first sign of the zodiac, and sometimes referred to as ‘the baby’, but your sign has the energy to burn. So, hit your steps before noon with a ramble through Central Park, which has some 26,000 trees and almost 60 miles of walking trails. Indulge your inner trailblazer with a visit to the Brooklyn Museum for pioneering feminist Judy Chicago’s installation, The Dinner Party. Round up one or two fellow fire signs for classic New York porterhouses and iceberg wedges smothered in bacon and blue cheese at Peter Luger Steak House in Williamsburg.

Central Park
Central Park


You’re not afraid to treat yourself. A delicious breakfast is a great way to start. Hit up Tom’s Restaurant in Prospect Heights to chow down on homestyle bacon, eggs and fluffy pancakes. As an earth sign, you have an appreciation for gardening that makes the Brooklyn Botanic Garden a natural next step. Once you’ve had your fill, it’s time to shop. You’re practical but also a touch materialistic, so head to Century 21 to splurge on some designer duds, shoes or accessories.


Hey, twin(s). Meet your NYC building doppelganger, San Remo Apartments, on the Upper West Side. The glorious co-op has two mirror-
image towers and art deco stylings, and frequently plays a backdrop in Central Park photos. Take more visual inspiration from the pair of double arches on the graceful Brooklyn Bridge. Your gregarious, social side and sharp wit may come out at Bluestockings, a feminist bookstore-café-community-space on the Lower East Side. Put your indecisiveness to rest and your adventurousness to the test at Gem. The creative 12-course menu is set in advance, so you’ve got no worries.


You tend to be a homebody, Cancer, but life is just as much fun when you break out of your shell. Your sign enjoys history and can be patriotic, which makes a visit to Lower Manhattan ideal. There’s plenty here to satisfy a history buff, including Fraunces Tavern Museum, and City Hall, open for free tours at lunchtime on Wednesdays. Cancers love to be outdoors near a body of water; anchor at Brookfield Place along the Hudson River for high-end designer stores like Gucci and Hermès.


Let’s start with the basics. In case you didn’t know, you’re a lion. Visit your own kind outside the main branch of the New York Public Library. You’re creative and passionate, so get inspired by the celluloid exhibitions at the Museum of the Moving Image. Leos can be greedy, so why not gaze at the New York Stock Exchange and dream of the riches you’ll one day accumulate? Jealousy is also a danger, and you can sharpen your snooping skills over at Spyscape.

New York Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange


Virgos are meticulous, good with numbers and attentive to detail. Stop by the National Museum of Mathematics, where you can see all the cool things math makes possible along with fun interactive exhibits. You will also be drawn to the bookish treasures of the Morgan Library and Museum. The former home of Wall Street titan J P Morgan, it houses historic books and manuscripts. The TKTS Booths offer deep discounts on Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. Use that extra cash for a post-theatre indulgence, like a slice of Junior’s cheesecake or a martini at Joe Allen.


Perhaps you belong back in the 1960s, you lover of peace and harmony. At the least, you deserve to find places in the city that can bring you in balance. Consider the Imagine mosaic, in Central Park’s Strawberry Fields. Along with that, trips to the Rubin Museum and Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art, to view the art of the Himalayas, look to be in the offing, along with a meal at a calm raw-fish temple like Sushi Yasuda. Swing by the historic Tweed Courthouse or the elegant Appellate Court to sense which way the scales are tipping.


The day runs on your terms and you’re going to do exactly what you want to do. So, start your day at Domino Park, where you can drop in on a beach volleyball game or try your hand at bocce. There’s a one-hour time limit on either, but you’ll smoke the opposition in under 45 minutes. Of course, you’ll want to spend some time shopping; and, given your stubborn streak, you’re determined to find a good deal. Williamsburg is full of great local vintage shops including Amarcord, Awoke and Buffalo Exchange. Intense and passionate, Scorpio needs something spicy: try the Roni Supreme pie at Emmy Squared, with pepperoni and just the right amount of Calabrian chili oil.


You’re curious and energetic, so why not head out to Bushwick and check out one of the city’s boldest arts scenes? Your open mind means you’re sure to enjoy the on-the-edge visual art, photography, comedy and music the neighbourhood’s residents make and share every day at venues like Elsewhere. We know you’re philosophical as well — after your night on the town, consider spending the next day searching for meaning at the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library or contemplating our vast universe at the Hayden Planetarium in the American Museum of Natural History.

Street art in Brooklyn
Street art in Brooklyn


Down-to-earth yet exacting, Capricorns can ride that elusive groove between the spontaneous and the traditional in NYC. The Neue Galerie New York, an often-overlooked Fifth Avenue gem stocked by legendary art dealer Serge Sabarsky, has a handful of intricately crafted clocks on display that should suit your need for precision. Ever practical, you want keepsakes that serve a purpose: cab down to Chelsea Market to shop for specialty cooking items and housewares, and pick up a raisin loaf at Amy’s Bread to eat for breakfast tomorrow while you’re at it.

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