What's for breakfast?

For a healthy you, try this easy 7-day superfood breakfast meal plan, writes Dhananjai Raja Kuttikad
Last Updated 04 March 2019, 19:30 IST

There’s no such thing as superfoods!” some would argue. Debatable, since it is mostly a ‘marketing word’. However, for the record, when we say superfoods here, what we mean is foods that are extremely nutrient-dense in nature, making for some great breakfasts to pull you through the day, every day of the week. Here are seven great breakfasts you can put together with reasonably easily available ingredients. (Our bad puns though, are sometimes hard to digest).


Does your typical Monday come with blues? Well, dig a hole and berry them blues with a super bowl of mixed berries. Include all your favourite berries that you no doubt shopped for during the weekend that passed. We’d recommend a bowl of kala jamun, grapes and amla. Add bananas, if you will, for a potassium-filled Monday. If you’re a drizzler, then drizzle honey on your berry mix.


If you survived Monday, you deserve a great Tuesday! For starters, go nuts with your breakfast. We’re talking almonds and walnuts, people. And throw in some seeds as well into the mix. Chefs recommend flax, pumpkin and chia seeds. But, what do chefs know? You do your thing and we mean it!


You know what you need most to survive a week that feels like a year — a large heart! Speaking of which, consider having a hearty oatmeal porridge. For good measure, be sure to add some fruits and a few nuts. We think that should get you over the hump to the better part of the week. Oat do you think?


Day 4 of the hostage situation, as a popular meme calls it. Well, you sure need a pick-me-up to get you through this. How about a smoothie? Let’s talk avocados. We recommend a ripe avocado and dates smoothie in milk with honey to top it off! Did you know that some people refer to avocado as butter fruit? What would you say is a butter name for this fruit?


It’s here! It’s here! Keep calm, but it’s here! The day where your bosses smile a little more and your team is most likely having lunch together (ordering online or something perhaps). How about an easy yogurt banana and honey/jaggery smoothie breakfast? Add some more protein to it with chia seeds. We hope that was clear. Do yogurt it or not? If not, we can explain again.


Let’s raise a toast to the weekend. Whether it’s a Saturday with a lot of to-dos (banks, bills and whatnot), or one where you are going shopping with your friends, you’ll need a good amount of strength. We recommend a simple avocado whole wheat bread toast – mash avocados and tomatoes together in a paste adding pepper and salt. Spread on whole wheat bread toasts. Eggs on the side, if you eat eggs, are an excellent side for this breakfast.


Eggzactly what is your plan today? Recovering from the party last evening? Binge watching that show everyone is talking about? Or doing laundry and other things preparing for the week to come? Under all circumstances, we recommend a breakfast of eggs, boiled, poached or any way you like! Hopefully, this will fortify you when you realise later in the day that it’s Monday again tomorrow. And in case you don’t eat eggs, pick your favorite breakfast from the above and make it again for some nostalgia of the week that went by).

(The author is co-founder, purplebasil.in)

(Published 04 March 2019, 19:30 IST)

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