What's not to like about nail art?

Last Updated 14 September 2012, 12:42 IST

Sarah Thomas dishes out the latest tips and tricks on flashing the best nail designs.

Do you have short and stubby fingers? Ones you thought were not made for nail painting? Well, for all those women out there, nail art is the newest craze in town and a fashion statement amongst youngsters.

A mono-colour base and a contrasting colour design over it, are all it takes to turn a boring nail paint job into a funky nail art work.

The best part about nail art is that it can look sophisticated and cool at the same time. The shape and size of your fingers do not matter. Working women also turn to nail art to complete their formal look.

Cynthia D’costa, a call centre employee is of the opinion that nail art goes well with any kind of outfit, be it formals or casuals. “I am extremely fond of nail art. I put tattoos on my nails which make them look funky,” says Tenzin, a Visual Communication student in Bangalore.

Jayma, also a student, speaks of her fascination towards art on a canvas as small as a nail. “It is very attractive but it can be time consuming, and after a certain point of time, I run out of ideas and designs.”

“There is a lot to nail art than what meets the eye. “Nail art isn’t just painting your nails with different colours or drawing designs on them. You could do so much more with your nails.

There is needle nail art, sponge nail art, water marbling, salt nail art and stamp art. I am good with all of them,” says Sahar Kathija, a student of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, and a professional nail artist.

She sets up nail art stalls in different colleges during fests. Speaking about nail art and her passion for it, she said she could make cheetah prints, polka dots and many other designs.

People like to go to professional nail artists because it works out quicker and you get variety. These days, even brides are keen on showing off funky nail art work on their big day.

Nail art tubes are available everywhere, in any store these days, and most prominently, on Commercial Street and girls pick up unbranded, inexpensive nail art tubes.

These tubes serve the purpose of decorating your nails but they come with health hazards as well. Local nail polishes have a chemical called toluene in them which affects the nervous system, causes eye irritation, nausea and sometimes, even cancer.

Sahar, who has completed a course on nail art and make up, says, “I use ‘Essential 120’, a nail polish which is toluene free.” There are a few nail polishes that are customised for nail art and they would serve the purpose best as they are chip-proof, fade-proof and offer quick drying.

Nail art is quickly spreading among the young and the old. Women from all walks of life have turned to nail decoration to enhance their look, to beautify their fingers and grab attention. So use your creativity and make those nails look great.

(Published 14 September 2012, 12:42 IST)

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