BENGALURU NEWS- Nov 07, 2018

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    Samay submitted a video in the life sciences category, focussing on circadian rhythms. The 24-hour biological process that can affect simple daily experiences such as waking up for school or jet lag.

    Samay Godika, a student of National Public School, Koramangala has emerged as the winner of Breakthrough Junior Challenge and bagged the Science Prize worth $400,000 (Rs 2.9 crore). Read more

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    According to the Pollution Control Board data, noise pollution was 57.5% more in the Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health (Nimhans), which is a sensitive area, in the month of September.

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    WEATHER AT 1.30 PM

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    Play at Ranga Shankara

    'Beyond the land of Hattamala'

    Plot: A story of 2 thieves who land where people have never known what money is. The idea is to help children understand the possibility of living in a world without commercialization.

    Language: English/Kannada

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    Good Morning Bengaluru!

    A foggy start to the day but now we have partly cloudy sky. The maximum temp is expected to be 30 deg C while the minimum temperature is expected to touch 19 deg C.