Highlights | Narendra Modi - Republic Bharat interview

Narendra Modi Republic Bharat interview: Prime Minister Modi, since taking charge in 2014, has given handful interviews to news channels but chooses to address the nation via his radio show 'Mann ki Baat'.
  • 09:12

    Modi appeals to voters to come out in big numbers to vote

    "I appeal to you to come out and vote in big numbers in this celebration of democracy", says PM Modi, closing the interview.

  • 09:10

    Modi on being called an "outsider" in Delhi in 2014

    "I found my solution in 2014. To me, Delhi, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Kolkata have the same importance. I have launched my programmes everywhere in India. So, if Delhi accepts me or not, I will take Delhi everywhere"

  • 09:06

    Modi on 2019 being a "Modi vs Who?" Election

    "TV channels face a TRP issue if India and Pakistan don't have a cricket match. But the "Modi vs Who" question could rise in 2024, but in 2019 the citizens are not looking for anyone else. It is important for you (TV channels) for TRP, but you have no one to pit against me this year."

  • 09:04

    Modi on cracking down on Maoists and 'anti-national' elements

    "There is no hard or soft, there is onlythe national interest. Anyone who acts against India will face the law."

  • 08:59

    Modi on Congress' freebies promises

    "We should see their track record. Four generations of the Gandhi family spoke of poverty and they ruled India for 55 years, but their track record shows that the poor have become poorer. Who will believe them? When they know they will not come to power, they can talk all they want. Their manifesto in 2004 and 2009 promises DBT for farmers, but we are the ones who did it. Just see their track record, economic situation is another matter"

  • 08:59

    Modi on 'dynastic politics'

    "A party controlled by a single family is not good. A party being run as a personal company is not right for democracy"

  • 08:55

    Modi on TDP's comments warning "the end of democracy if Modi wins"

    Those who have no issue to raisewill focus on fear-mongering to divert from problems. Were the founding fathers so weak that they would make something that Modi could destroy? They are insulting those who died for independence.

  • 08:52

    Modi on the West Bengal situation

    Modi says the West Bengal government has encouraged unconstitutional ways of working. Even the media there has surrendered. The truth will eventually come out

  • 08:49

    India has enjoyed 5 years, it will vote a strong government with complete majority: Modi

    "There are three points we are sure of: We will come in full majority;NDA and BJP will come in power in more seats; As a responsible citizen, and as a prime minister for the past 5 years, I would say I want to work with whoever becomes victorious. In politics, everyone must work together. The people of this country suffered for 30 years but enjoyed in the past 5 years which makes me confident of the upcoming polls."

  • 08:46

    Modi says taking strict action on fugitives such as Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya and Mehul Choksi

    "The Opposition is slamming us on the basis of these fugitives but it is because of our strict actions in the country that they have had to flee. But do you realise, we have come down severely on their assets, and they have had to run because of our actions. During Opposition rule, you would not have even known the names of such fugitives, leave alone know what happened to them and what action was taken against them," says PM Modi.

  • 08:45

    'Not a literal Chowkidar, but in spirit': PM Modi on Opposition's 'Modi's 'Chowkidar Chor hai' campaign

    I've been the longest serving Chief Minister of Gujarat. Yes, I'm a chaiwala and my past was never spoken about during my tenure as chief minister. But when I was elected as the Prime Minister, they started raising these issues and I proudly said that I was a chaiwala. As far as Chowkidar is concerned, it is a word I used for myself during 2011-2012 poll campaign too. Mahatma Gandhi also during his time had qualities of being a Chowkidar, not literally but in the spirit to ensure safety and security of the country.

  • 08:41

    PM Modi says have stopped responding to Pak's assurances

    "Pakistan has constantly tried to assure that they will take action, but we hardly see anything happening from their end. So I've stopped responding to their assurances. Regarding the 26/11 attacks, we had given them a detailed dossier, but there was no response again. When PM Khan was elected, I congratulated him and I've taken steps for cordial talks but where is the action? It's good that PM Khan is doing good things for his citizens, but what is necessary right now is for Pakistan to come out of terrorism," says PM Modi.

  • 08:27

    PM Modi says the Opposition wanted to bring out a 'candle light march' against Balakot air strikes

    "We can debate on the gas connections provided, house built and bank accounts opened with the Opposition. When I speak on progress, they change the topic and pick other issues. We are the government that works 24 hours and these are issues that matter to us but they keep talking about the same thing over and over again. It is unfortunate that when Abhinandan Varthaman was detained in Pakistan, the Opposition started questioning the Balakot air strike and regarding his return. It was their plan and they were going to bring out a 'candle light march' for it."

  • 08:16

    "After the air strikes, opposition said you were match fixing. Why is it getting personal, what's the back story?" asks Arnab

    " No one can question my patriotism. My life speaks for itself. The country should be scared because the selfish opposition's thoughts and actions are detrimental for the nation's future.Everyone was aware of how big the attack was, but you should question the Opposition regarding such personal attacks. If they are sure of what they are blaming us for, they can go ahead with this as their agenda for the polls," says PM Modi.

  • 08:14

    "On the day of the air strikes, did you have minute by minute updates?" asks Arnab

    " I can't keep myself away. No one expects the PM to stay up all night. But I couldn't help myself."

  • 08:21

    'Indian voter trusts us,' says PM Modi

    "Whatever we have been able to successfully execute in the past 5 years, it is because of the trust Indians place in us. We came into power with a sweeping majority, which shows the consent of the people and as of what I understand of politics, people have understood what Modi can do for them, what are the changes our government can bring in, how BJP can help the country progress. There are some spheres where India feels we lack, but we are sure that Indians won't let us down," said PM Modi.

  • 08:06

    How confident are you of winning 272 seats asks Arnab

    "First I want to answer on your question on EC rules. Imagine any natural calamity. What does the government do? It can't stop performing it's duties. When I was young, I used to make a joke. A policeman gets robbed. His wife wakes up and see's what's happening and tells him what's happening. And he replies 'I'm not on duty'," says PM Modi.

  • 08:03

    Arnab asks PM Modi about opposition saying ASAT announcement was violation of poll code

    PM Modi says that a government can in power can make mistakes. But, Congress, who has been in power for long time, should have considered these allegations more seriously. These initiatives aren't accidental and don't happen immediately. We use the window or opportunity we get.He also said that the Opposition cannot keep the country safe as it lacks primary knowledge.

  • 08:01

    Arnab asks PM Modi: How's the josh?

    "Voter is at the centre of the election. Political parties have to go to the polls only to meet the expectations of voters", says Prime Minister Narendra Modi.