7 steps to rain-proof your skin

We love monsoons, the smell of wet earth and the sound of raindrops can refresh one’s soul. However, for many, monsoons are a harbinger of health and skin problems.

Monsoon is usually not the best season for those with oily skin. Humidity, dampness and the sticky heat together induce acne and breakouts. These little devils need a lot of care and pampering to prevent them from scarring the face. Meanwhile, hair too bears the brunt of the moist, humid weather.

Having said that, many hair and skin problems also have solutions. Here are some simple hacks to protect your skin and hair from the unpredictable weather condition:

1. Choose the right cleanser

It is important to cleanse your skin not excessively, but at least two to three times a day. If the skin has enough moisture, it won’t secrete its own oil and will keep breakouts at bay. Choose an antibacterial or antifungal face wash that suits your skin type to wash all the dullness and dirt away.

2. Moisturise frequently

Moisturise to keep the outer layer of the skin properly hydrated and leave it feeling soft and supple. The fluctuating weather can make the skin dry and itchy. Use a non-water based moisturiser so if even you get wet, the cream won’t completely wash off. Choose moisturisers that contain natural ingredients to keep your skin supple. Many tend to avoid moisturisers during monsoons assuming that they will make the skin oily. However, you can easily replace a moisturiser with a water-based serum that can also keep the excessive oil in check. A serum can also come to the rescue of someone with a combination skin.

3. Arm your skin with sunscreen

The damaging UV rays are not exclusive to summers. They can even penetrate through clouds. Always apply a light-weight sunscreen before stepping out. Regular use of sunscreen can protect your skin from premature ageing, tanning and pigmentation. Apply sunscreen every two to three hours.

4. Go for minimal make-up

To achieve the lit-from-within glow, the best thing to do is to stay away from heavy make-up. Always prep your skin with a matte primer before you start applying your make-up. Another important tip is to apply a light lotion-based moisturiser or brightening serum and red algae-based SPF so that your skin never runs out of hydration and is well protected from the sun too.

5. Prevent infections

To keep bacteria at bay, wash your hands well before applying anything on the face. Touching your face especially the infected area will spread bacteria that can cause more acne.

6. Use tea tree oil

This must-have essential oil with astringent properties can fight a number of skin conditions this season. It is both antibacterial and antifungal and is perfect for oily skin. Use tea tree-based products in the form of creams, serums, moisturisers etc.

7. Go for antibacterial soaps

Several anti-bacterial soaps contain the goodness of glycerin and tea tree. This will keep your body safe from skin infections, beautifully moisturised and healthy. Look for products that contain activated charcoal especially bamboo charcoal which absorbs all the impurities and dirt. Also go for ingredients like aloe vera, honey, lemon extract or neem to keep your skin clean and dirt-free.


(The author is training head, The Body Shop India)

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7 steps to rain-proof your skin


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