Dressed for the summer!

Dressed for the summer!

This summer, look steamy hot with fashion that’s cool and comfortable, writes Nelson Jaffery

This summer, the new mantra is going subtle, albeit with a hint of glam when you will pair a kurti with palazzo pants.

Temperatures are soaring since summer is here. Where milkshakes, lime sodas, smoothies are there to comfort you this summer, outfits made from comfortable and breathable fabrics are there to soothe your body. What if we told you that you could look steamy hot this summer without being sweltered into a hot mess? Yes! It’s quite possible, and can be done without losing any points on looking stylish.

Matter of prints

When it comes to prints, florals are always the favoured one. But you should get out of your comfort zone and experiment with prints in your outfit. There are ample summer prints to choose from apart from florals. Though you could obviously layer a striped dress with a floral jacket or vice versa, try going for different graphic prints as well. For a woman who is playful at heart and a free-spirit in her persona, a printed & dramatic kurti will have her heart soaring.

The right fabric

Sweat is a part of summer. No matter what you are wearing, if you are sweaty, you are prone to get some skin rashes and allergies. So choosing the right fabric should be definitely in your checklist. Choose a fabric which is breathable, comfortable yet chic on your body. Sustainable fabrics made from cellulose gives your body comfort, breathability as well as a good shape that compliments your curves. They are soft and bouncy, making it comfortable to wear all day long. The fabric that feels soft on the body and does not let sweat appearson your clothes is the correct choice. Choose light, comfortable fabrics like viscose or modal to keep you relaxed throughout the day. Hence, fabric plays an important part which you shouldn’t neglect.

Outfit options

Choosing outfits for summer might be a tedious task. But worry not! Here are some outfit options that are going to be in trend this summer and you should definitely try them to look cool:

Palazzo pants: The flowy and comfortable palazzo pants are here to stay. The comfort that they give is immense and hence they are your perfect summer partner. Move over garish attire or bedecked and uncomfortable festive wear! This summer, the new mantra is going subtle, albeit with a hint of glam when you will pair a kurti with palazzo pants. Be it casual or traditional, palazzo pants suit almost every occasion. Get yourself that pretty kurta to match with these amazing palazzos and you are ready for the summer.

Maxi dress: When it’s summer, there’s no leaving out the ultra-comfy dress. Planning to go for a brunch in the hot weather? Don’t worry, maxi dress is here for your rescue. Get the right silhouette for your body type and expect all eyes to turn to your direction as you move. A long maxi dress is a perfect outfit for the beach as well. Style your maxi dress with the right sling bag, sunnies and flats or add some oomph by pairing the dress with white sneakers and you are good to go!

Shorts: Summer season is incomplete if you aren’t wearing shorts at all. It is a quintessential summer outfit that breaks the monotony of regular clothing. Pair it with a cool and funky t-shirt or a snazzy asymmetrical crop top to give you a cool look. Tweak your ensemble with a pair of delicate accessories and transform into a cool fashionista. Bring out your playful side in a chic pair of shorts.

Jumpsuit: If you haven’t already explored its versatility, here’s giving you knowledge on why you should add this trendy piece of clothing to your summer collection. A jumpsuit gives you the freedom of rocking hot fashion trends like the off-shoulder look, the halter neck pattern, or even the cold-shoulder design, effortlessly. Jumpsuits are epic choices for the summer since they effortlessly give a good shape to your body. Nobody can question their level of comfort, and hence fits in every criterion of a summer outfit. A cute jumpsuit with white canvas is a perfect combination you should try this summer.

Kurti: A preferred option among Indian women is the versatile kurti that can be adorned season after season with losing any of its charms. During the warm summers, we are partial towards clothing that keeps us at ease and cool. Kurtis that are designed keeping precisely this thought in mind with the fluidity and light nature of the garment should be the prime focus. The sleeveless feature keeps it airy and makes for an adorable outfit in any shade chosen. Team these with a pair of palazzo pants.

(The author is design head, Liva, Birla Cellulose)