Living: Fashion forward

Living: Fashion forward

Our expert gives you a low down on the fashion dos and don'ts

My mother is a plus-size person in her 40s. She has always dressed in Indian clothes. I want to buy her a pair of jeans. What kind of cuts and fits should I look for? 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  — Nirmala

Jeans look great on any woman, irrespective of her age. But for a first-timer who is in her 40s, you need to put in more thought while buying a stylish pair of denim. Here are some tips for choosing jeans for your mom:

  • Opt for a solid dark colour, like grey or black. These colours can make the jeans look dressy and have the added advantage of making one look slimmer.
  • Flared jeans or boot-cuts look great on older women. It’s nice to wear heels under them and ensure that the jeans have good length and almost touch the ground. This will really lengthen the legs.
  • If you want something comfortable, opt for jeans in a stretchy material. 
  • Avoid baggy jeans, boyfriend jeans and skinny fits.

Is power dressing only for men? How can women power dress? I am in my 30s and I wish to revamp my work wardrobe.  — Shwetha S

Who said power dressing is only for men? Women can do it too. It is good that you want to revamp your workwear with some strong pieces of clothing. Here’s how you can power dress to work:

  • Power dressing doesn’t have to be about stiff formals. Pair a simple T-shirt with jeans, blazer, and high booties.
  • Flaunt your style and figure in cigarette pants. 
  • Team them with a flouncy balloon top that is cinched at the waist or a formal shirt.  
  • An elegant combination of a pastel peach skirt with a checked fusion top can lift your look for boring meetings.
  • Accessories like textured pumps, finger rings and earrings can amp up the chic quotient.

I am in my late 20s and have recently joined a company. What is an appropriate outfit for an office party? I don’t want to look over the top, but I do want to stand out. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             — Archana Krishnan
Office parties can be tricky. While you want to maintain an air of professionalism, you also don’t want to dress like you would for a regular workday. Where does that leave you? Somewhere between formal and festive and that can often be hard to pinpoint. So, go for the following outfits to rock your office party:

  • For a classy look, go for a muted glitter dress with low boots.
  • Trying to keep it simple, upgrade a regular work outfit with red pumps.
  • Go casual and team a ruffle top with a pair of comfortable jeans and colourful footwear.
  • Try bell sleeves and a sequinned pencil skirt.
  • Wear a fun top with classic pants.

I have landed my first job and will be joining in a month’s time. I have been a sneakers person all my life. What is the ideal formal footwear? I don’t want my feet to be uncomfortable.  — Vidyut Patel

There’s a famous quote, “Shoes speak louder than words.” Formal shoes are an all-rounder footwear. You can wear these shoes with formal trousers, suits, easy-fit pants and jeans. Formal shoes are classified based on the colour, toe style, heels and the type of leather. Formal shoes can give you confidence and make you look fashionable. Wearing anything from brogues to Oxfords to derbies smartens up your overall style. These shoes will eventually take the shape of your feet, giving you lasting comfort and added support.