He's a dapper dad

He's a dapper dad

To be a fashion-forward dad, go in for sharp cuts, customised shoes, cool jackets and colourful accessories, fashion experts tell Pooja Prabbhan

Start with a Paul Smith look. A sharply cut suit in a modern colour like ultramarine blue teamed with an iconic striped shirt and shoes that match

Annoyingly adorable and ever ready to gun down a potential rookie; dads hold a place too special. And, they often set the bar too high for any man in your life. Whether you’ve got a cool pop, or a regular daddy who fits the stereotypical ‘Indian appa’ image of ideal parenting, one thing remains — they’re a constant. And irreplaceable. On this Father’s Day, we take a peek into ways to tweak daddy’s sartorial streak!

Sharp & sleek

“Dressing in their 40s and 50s is challenging for most men. This is the time in your life when you can afford to buy the best of clothes, indulge in luxury, and acquire the very best of what the world of fashion has to offer. Start with a Paul Smith look. A sharply cut suit in a modern colour like ultramarine blue teamed with an iconic striped shirt and shoes that match,” suggests Prasad Bidapa, fashion guru and choreographer. He further adds, “Why not a Burberry trench coat to wear as you winter in Paris? That, and classic khaki — belted & buckled to match. Why not a perfect Rajesh Pratap Singh bandhgala in black with matching narrow trousers to wear to a friend’s wedding?”

Thinking along similar lines is ace designer Manoviraj Khosla who says the 50s are the new 30s. “Dads in the 40s and 50s today are most stylish than ever. I think the most essential thing here is to actually wear what you can carry off and not try and emulate somebody else. Colours are in. Fancy shoes are in. Wear cool jackets — wear biker jackets, leather jackets, embroidered jackets. I think jackets are great for guys in their 50s to wear. It looks very stylish, is very trendy and works across the board. But, the most important thing is to wear what you can carry off and what looks stylish on you.”

Opining how dads are our first stylists and idols, it’s always a great idea to ensure your dad’s dressing mirrors his personality and confidence, Kashif Mohammed, fashion entrepreneur and co-founder, Rapawalk, states, “An elegant pair of customised shoes that reflect your personality without compromising on comfort is a must-have wardrobe essential for any dad.”

Dress up

Quite like romance, the classic rules of fashion also hold true, no matter how forward we may move. Speaking of which, Prasad Bidapa opines, “Don’t dress old. Contemporise your look by shopping at trendy stores like Zara, Rare Rabbit & H&M, where modern cuts can give your whole look a lift. Get more daring with colour choices, wear colourful socks with your suits, and never match your tie and pocket square. That will date you faster than a speeding bullet.”

Wondering whether there’s a sure-fire way for your simple no-fuss dad? The answer is a big ‘Yes’! “Nehru jacket is for the quintessential charming dad. And, they are incredibly versatile. Nehru jackets can be worn with khakhis to give nice summer dressy look. Nehru jacket in velvet are like dads who love Merlot and look classy in jewel tones!” states Veena Ashiya, founder, Monrow Shoes.

For those who’re on the lookout for quick tips to help their dads step up their fashion game without trying too hard, Dilip Kapur, founder-president, Hidesign, lays down the staples to shop for. “Every man should own a pair of moccasins, these are great for semi-formal or casual looks. Don’t limit your style or wardrobe to one bag. Experiment and have a few options, the laptop and sleek briefcases. Travel with a backpack or an overnighter. Belts and wallets are little things that can attract great attention. Try sporting an embossed reversible belt made using vegetable tanned leather. ”

Hinting at how there are so many options for men today, Shriya Bhupal, designer, Brand Shriya Som, states, “According to me, a dad who focuses on tailoring and dresses for himself, regardless of trends is what I’d call a truly fashion-forward dad. That said a pair of well-fitted trousers and shirt, layered with a jacket or a cardigan is always a great idea. Or, just a pair of well-cut jeans/linen pants, a cotton/linen shirt paired with loafers, can rarely go wrong. Layering is a great way to create to play textures and colours.”

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