It’s the season of mix & match

It’s the season of mix & match

Men, it’s time to go bold with colours and prints. Up your style quotient with some mix & match fashion, writes Ketan Pishe

Mix n match fashion

Men’s fashion, in recent times, has evolved from being restricted to fashion weeks, weddings and special occasions, to now ruling our daily wardrobes. Men aren’t shying away from trying different looks by matching their shirts and trousers with some bold and unusual colours to add an X factor to their daily wear, whether at work or otherwise. Factors such as a metrosexual lifestyle and an easy access to imagery through platforms such as Instagram have given this trend much more impetus. While metrosexual men started the trend of grooming sometime back, it is reaping great results in today’s digital age.

A little bit of both

The social lifestyle we lead has also led to many fashion discoveries and innovations, for, we have become more informed and aware of prevailing fashion trends, and it has started to reflect in our day-to-day life. Mix & match is one such trend, which is gaining popularity among men as it enables them to experiment with different colours and looks. Sporting fashion that is unusual and quirky has caught everyone’s attention. The trend is much loved for it makes ordinary clothes look more exciting and allows one to create an individual style.

What earlier was considered a female fashion domain i.e. mix & match, has been embraced with much panache and aplomb by men today. Of late, people are getting influenced by celebrities, entertainers, sports personalities, etc, and pick up fashion nuances from them, for they find them desirable, fashionable, and always see them sporting latest trends.

At the outset, mix & match might sound complicated, but if you follow certain simple rules, it becomes easier to match your shirts, trousers, suits with equally interesting accessories to complete the look. It allows people to express their mindset that ranges from a well thought-out ensemble with fine colour pairing to a bold statement with a combination of vibrant colours that stand out in the crowd.

While there is a colour wheel to decide on the best available options to match your attire, it is advisable to start making your own combinations and gradually learn the art of mix & match. Having a deeper understanding of fashion by making your own choices will result in getting better at your fashion game. Start with neutrals that include colours such as black, grey, blue, white, brown as these colours go well with almost all shades; they will complement intense colours, and give you innumerable options to match. Remember, you will never go wrong with neutrals.

Once you understand the basic colour game, you can start exploring numerous options right from neutrals to bold and vibrant to fluorescent colours. Some of the noteworthy combinations that are much loved are khaki & green, the colours and shades of it give one a hint of the wilderness. And if you are someone who falls under the wanderer zone, this should be your choice. Another striking yet royal combination is brown & burgundy, while brown stands out, burgundy gives you a sharp and sophisticated look that never goes out of fashion. Pink and grey is another contemporary combination that strikes a chord with the millennial, for it brings out a very subtle and edgy look.

Accessorise right

The important factor to consider while choosing the right accessory such as a tie, pocket square, belt, etc, is to match it elegantly with the shirt, suit or a trouser. If it’s a light-coloured shirt, then opt for a dark-coloured tie to complement the look; if you are in a navy blue or beige colour suit, then sporting an orange pocket square will get you all the right kind of attention as it makes for a very attractive combination. And, when choosing the belt, keep one thing in mind, it should match the colour of your shoe.

In a nutshell, take a look at what’s in vogue:

• Adding different colours to the mix always adds diversity, while patterns create an illusion. The combination of this ensures you always look your best.

• Light blue and green are in fashion, too, which completely goes with prints, and helps anyone in mix n match.

• Floral and nature prints are in vogue.

• Shades of pink and purple give one a very fresh outlook, a must-have for this season.

(The author is partner, P N RAO)

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