No more rainy beauty woes for you

No more rainy beauty woes for you

Here's how to take care of your skin in this monsoon...

Using sulphate-free mild face wash and body cleansers will help in cleaning the skin without losing the natural moisture.

The rains are here finally. It’s the one season everybody enjoys. But apart from enjoying the lovely season, monsoon also calls for taking care of the skin. Rain and humidity are the two factors that affect the skin deeply, thus leaving it to look dull. Apart from dull skin, it also leaves the skin exposed to bacterial fungus infections. The following suggestions will help everyone in taking care of the skin throughout the rainy season:

Monsoon brings humidity with it. Increased humidity leads to excessive sweating that causes open pores and dirt getting stuck to the surface of the skin. To prevent this, one should clean the skin daily with a soap-free cleanser. Gently rub your skin to get rid of all the dead skin cells.

Drinking water is necessary not only in summers but in monsoons as well. More consumption of water is a must in monsoon because it helps the skin to be hydrated. One should always know that the skin is always thirstier than the person.

It is advisable to keep a hydrosol or a toner handy to combat excess humidity and sticky weather. Hydrosol or toner helps to close the pores and restore the pH balance of the skin.

Since the skin gets dehydrated in this season, it is essential that the skin is moisturised regularly to keep it healthy. Using sulphate-free mild face wash and body cleansers will help in cleaning the skin without losing the natural moisture.

Nail and toe infections are way too common during monsoons. To avoid infections, one should wear open footwear. Wearing closed shoes where the socks can get clogged with dirty water from the rains can lead to toe and nail infections.

The increased humidity in monsoon makes skin greasier, leading to breakouts and other similar issues. To avoid the problem, all you need is a mud pack to absorb the excess oil. This also hydrates the skin and improves its elasticity. If you have oily skin, use non-comedogenic, oil-free sunscreen and moisturisers. Put on a sunscreen before going out.

Use lukewarm water rather than cold water for your face and body; it would really help your skin. Warm water effectively gets rid of excess oil from the skin and leaves it clean and keeps the skin woes at bay.

Apart from these tips, having a balanced diet which includes a good amount of fruits is also a must. Remember, ‘when you feel good, you look good, too’.

(The author is founder, Inatur)