Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward

I am in my 20s and on a heavier side. I plan to take up swimming this summer and I need your advice on the ideal swimwear. I dress conservatively and I want to be comfortable during the lessons. — Vidya V

Swimming is a good exercise to keep the body fit and fine in summers. Ideal swimwear is something that you feel comfortable in. Opt for long-sleeved tops in eye-catching prints or a v-neck peplum top worn with a pair of shorts. You can also go for swim dresses and tankinis with longer hemlines.

I love dressing in bright colours and I recently made a brave move of buying an expensive white shirt. I don’t want to wear it to work. How do I style a classic white shirt for a casual day wear or for a night out? — Rohini Singh

A white shirt goes beautifully with blue denim or with pastel colour trousers for a casual outing during the day or you can even style it like Charlie Chaplin! Yes, pair this shirt with denim dungaree and a pair of high heels for a night around the town.

I have heard a lot about sustainable fashion and I wish to invest in sustainable clothing. What are the things that I need to keep in mind while shopping for such clothes? — Rohan Ramadurai

Sustainable clothing is a good choice and opting environment-friendly clothing is a smart move. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind while shopping for sustainable clothing:

* Shopping online will save you time and prevent pollution.

* Look for certification that indicates that the factory workers are paid at least the minimum wages and their working conditions are safe.

* Avoid man-made fabrics like polyester, acrylic, viscose rayon, and conventional cotton.

* Opt for natural fabrics like silk, natural cotton, wool, hemp, and linen.

* Go for second-hand products or rented ones.

* Donate your old clothes to NGOs.

My workplace environment is pretty chilled out (no blazers or ties). How do I put a fresh spin on casual formals? I also wish to purge my wardrobe of checked shirts. Are there any new patterns that I can try? — Anand K

Here are some styling tips for your casual formals:

* The go-to casual bottom wear for any guy is a pair of jeans. Team your best pair of jeans with printed full-sleeves shirts or a t-shirt with a

* Bomber jackets with polo t-shirts are another option for you.

* Buy one camel or grey colour trouser, which goes well with any shirt or t-shirt of any colour. This is perfect for regular use.

* Class up your footwear and layer your clothes to create interesting outfits.

* Try plaids, tartan, gingham, and argyle instead of checks.