Healing with stem cells

Healing with stem cells

Stem cells can produce hundreds of specialist cells across the body.

Stem cells

Although in a dormant state, adult stem cells remain in our body throughout our life unless they are put to better use. With technological advancements, scientists are able to isolate these stem cells, specialise them in the laboratory and re-infuse them back into the body to perform a specific function. Once there, these stem cells release growth factors and cytokine which is responsible for facilitating the regeneration of damaged cells. Their intelligence is such that they can sense the site of injury and as per the requirements, can boost the healing process.

Stem cells today are shaping the future of biology and moving medical sciences away from a long battle between hope and controversies. The research began with simply understanding the regenerative adult stem cells, which further led to the revolutionary discovery of how these stem cells can be reprogrammed to treat many illnesses such as diabetes, ageing, and several other dreadful diseases.

The regenerative quality of adult stem cells has led scientists and medical specialists in understanding the origin of specific diseases. The very ability of them being converted into cells in our bones, heart  muscles, and nerves is the basis of several studies in medical history. Patients dealing with Type 1 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease and cancer have now found a new ray of hope as these stem cells can be guided to regenerate and repair the diseased tissues.

(The author is CEO, Advancells)