Tips to stay fighting fit

Tips to stay fighting fit

Try indoor workouts to stay in shape this monsoon

With the onset of monsoon, seasonal affective disorders are a common phenomenon, where the gloomy weather dampens our spirit quite literally. Rains also tend to keep you under house arrest, which means your workout sessions in the gym come to a standstill and you end up experiencing slight weight gain. Does that mean you have to say goodbye to fitness? Absolutely not! Exercise will rev up your mood, improve blood circulation and keep your skin glowing.

If the very thought of 100 jumps on the skipping rope or 25 push-ups makes you break into a sweat, relax! Remember a fitness routine should always be enjoyable. It should work for you. Obviously, if you get stressed about the fitness routine, it defeats the purpose of working out in the first place. Select an exercise programme that is convenient during monsoons.

Here are a few tips to spice up your workouts this season:

  • Remember, you don’t have to exercise all in one go. A 30-minute workout session can be split into three sessions of 10 minutes each, spread over the morning, afternoon and evening.
  • A mix of cardio and body weight routines is always a good idea to gain muscle and lose fat, helping you tone up. These exercises will bring your heart rate up and down, helping you burn more calories, without much effort.
  • A 10-minute warm-up is a must before you start off with any type of exercise. Static jogging, skipping, jumping and stretching are the best ways to let your body know that it needs to get ready for a more strenuous session.
  • Invest in exercise equipment like resistance bands, treadmill, indoor cycle or a skipping rope, as they offer a lot of combinations for indoor workouts.
  • Use the stairway in your building instead of the elevator to engage your body in some form of physical activity and to keep lethargy at bay.
  • Exercises that make your core stronger using your own body weight are quite effective as indoor workouts. Body weight exercises like push-ups, squats, burpees and lunges are ideal choices to improve your muscular strength.
  • Even if you are watching television, spot-march in place as you enjoy your favourite movie or reality show.
  • Yoga helps build immunity and reduces respiratory problems which are common during monsoons. Performing a round of surya namaskars will make your body flexible.
  • If you are into dance, then you can easily substitute it with a zumba session with your girlfriends at home.
  • Opt for indoor sports like squash or badminton in case your building complex has a sports auditorium

Remember, it’s the small changes that you incorporate that make a big difference! For instance, walking for an extra 15 minutes each day gives you a total of nearly two hours of additional exercise each week. Adopting a positive attitude gives you a greater chance of success.

(The author is a celebrity fitness expert)


5 must-try ‘asanas’ this season

* Bhujangasana opens the chest and stimulates the thymus gland, boosting the immune system. It is beneficial for people suffering from back and neck pain as well.

* Naukasana is another thymus-stimulating pose. It also helps in shedding belly fat and strengthens the liver.

* Kapalbhati clears the respiratory tract and improves its resistance level. It is a great exercise for the stomach muscles and also improves lung functioning.

* Pranayama holds the cure for most monsoon-related ailments. It helps open up blocked nose and increases the resistance of sinuses.

* Adho Mukha Svanasana reverses the impact of gravity on your body, allowing blood and lymph to flow in opposite directions. It also takes the pressure off the heart and strengthens your bones.

* Setu Bandhasana improves digestion and relieves symptoms of asthma and blood pressure. The pose reduces anxiety, fatigue, and is considered to be therapeutic for hypertension and even sinusitis.

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