Living: Workout like a celeb

Living: Workout like a celeb

Here are the latest trends in celebrity workouts

Over the years, people have realised the importance of fitness in their day to day lives. The reasons may differ from person to person. For one, fitness might be a need, and for the other, it might all be about passion. With passing time, the fitness industry has evolved, introducing multiple workout routines and regimes. Money is no longer a matter of concern when it comes to health.

For people who are always on the go, fitness is crucial to stay physically and mentally healthy. Celebrities play an inspiring role, the way they indulge themselves in hardcore workouts and transform their bodies within a matter of few months. Their social media handles also work as a perfect tool to create awareness about the latest trends in the fitness industry. The celebrity fitness trends vary across the world. However, there are some trends which have stood out and people are thronging the fitness centres to sign up for them.

HIIT: High-intensity interval training is a full body workout with a round of intense exercises, followed by a short period of rest. It is quite promising and popular among celebrities, as it gives amazing results. HIIT incorporates other forms of exercise as well, like yoga, boxing and dance.

Circuit training: This form of workout is not as intense as HIIT. It involves around 10 exercises, repeated in a circuit, one after the other. It is quite popular among international celebrities, catching up real good in India.

Toning-water exercises: Water workout is extremely helpful in burning tons of calories. Additionally, the water’s continuous resistance forces the individual to engage more muscle fibres through a number of movements.

Trampoline workout: It helps circulate blood and oxygen to all the tissues in the body, including the brain. The repetitive movements of jumping up and down build healthy muscle. Plus they are really fun.

Different types of yoga:

  • Aerial yoga: It combines aerial arts and traditional yoga by using anti-gravity hammocks and silks as props that aid the body in positioning and alignment. The technique also involves aspects of pilates, gymnastics and contemporary dance.
  • Tantrum yoga: It is all about screaming towards better health. Screaming, yelling, stomping and chest-pounding are all a part of tantrum yoga and they prove cathartic and help in releasing stress. It includes traditional yoga, breathing, stretching and meditation along with dance and vocal techniques.
  • Karaoke yoga: The practitioners sing, dance, sweat and stretch their way to joy and physical fitness in a group setting.

Functional fitness: The demand for functional fitness is increasing all over the world. It isn’t about just having a sculpted or muscular body, but overall strength building of the body, helping one to work on endurance, power, force and coordination.

Pilates: With the perfect blend of strength and flexibility, Pilates has been able to gain loyal followers and attracted celebrity attention worldwide. The primary reason for this is because Pilates focuses on joint mobility, improves elasticity, and at the same time strengthens the body to achieve its best version.

Spinning: Another popular way to accomplish your fitness goal is through spinning. Employing the body to workout on a stationary bike, with various tension levels will relieve stress and keep you fit always backed by encouraging trainers and high impact music.

International trends have always grabbed attention. People tend to follow trends of celebrities and fitness trends are all about gaining inspiration from these healthy beautiful people. The trends keep changing, but few are there to stay longer. The reasons could be a well-conceptualised idea, heavy demand, abundant resources etc. The Indian fitness industry has a wide scope and the various trends to come will enhance the depths of it. We have always been in awe of the celebrity fitness styles. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s turn our inspiration into our warm up!

(The author is co-founder & COO, MultiFit)